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Top 5 Pancake Places in the U.S.

  Breakfast is so underrated. Not only is it the most important meal of the day, but also the best tasting. Among the best breakfast foods are pancakes. Blueberry, banana, pecan, potato, strawberry, chocolate chip… The possibilities are endless. Making pancakes are also one of the staple American breakfast foods with an option for everyone. While available anywhere, some places just know how to make them even more mouth-watering than usual. Check out these restaurants for the best pancakes in the country: The ORIGINAL, Original Pancake House: Portland, OR   They say nothing is quite as good as the original, and they couldn’t be more right. While a small chain with places around the country, the Original Pancake House resides in Portland, Oregon. This small house turned restaurant attracts a large Portland crowd daily for to-die-for pancakes. Offering German, Sourdough, Swedish, and every other type of authentic pancake you can imagine, the Original Pancake House is sure to have a pancake for you. If you’re in the area, or even if you aren’t it’s worth the trip for every true pancake lover. Hawaiian Style Café: Waimea, HI   If you ever find yourself thinking that the short stack of pancakes wasn’t enough, then Hawaiian Style Café is the place to get your pancake fix. Talk about massive pancakes. You are sure to leave the Hawaiian Style Café full and satisfied. Huge and smothered in butter, there are all sorts of syrups including coconut. These pancakes definitely make the list as some of the best in the country. Lula Café: Chicago, IL   At the heart of this trendy café’s breakfast menu is an ever changing pancake dish dependent on the season and availably fresh ingredients. Depending on the season, and the produce, the type of pancake changes, but the base always stays the same. Terrific, fluffy pancakes that slide down quick no matter the topping. Whether it’s pumpkin, blueberry, or any other type of accompaniment, these pancakes remain at the top of the Chicago food chain. Prune:New York City, NY   While a little pricier, Prune gives you a single albeit big, Dutch-style pancake that melts in your mouth. Topped with sour cream, blueberries, and powdered sugar, this pancake is more than worth the price of meal. Add in some Canadian bacon to break up the intensity of the taste explosion and you have quite the pancake experience in the Big Apple. Downyflake Doughnuts: Nantucket, MA   While Downyflake may have doughnuts in the name, the pancakes awaiting you are just as good. They claim to have famous blueberry pancakes, and if they aren’t famous they should be. Made with home-made blueberry syrup, these pancakes are a flavor explosion that may force every other future fruit pancake you eat to pale in comparison. In other words, beware, these pancakes are so good, they might ruin all other future fruit pancakes! But it’s so worth it.  

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