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Top 10 Trips for Seniors

As winter sets in around the polar extremes of the globe, so too do the aches and pains that accompany the cold weather. While many people suffer from cold induced stiffness, the phenomenon typically hits seniors a little harder. As a result, seniors turn their gaze to greener, and often warmer pastures to escape both the weather and the routine. Here is a list of the top 10 destinations for seniors any time of the year: .......10. Santa Fe, New Mexico Santa Fe, New Mexico offers a lot for interested seniors looking for a little history, excellent weather and lots of outdoor sites and activities. The most recognizable landmark is certainly the Pueblo villages of adobe carved into stone. These communities provide a window into the rich Native American history present throughout the region before the Spanish arrival during the Age of Exploration. Santa Fe also offers a number of spectacular hotels and inns making anyone’s stay supremely comfortable, even amid hot summer temperatures. Taking a trip to Santa Fe feels like a trip into the old West. The sky is big, the history is rich and warm, and the area and food is vibrant. Santa Fe may not be one of the first destinations on a senior’s mind when they plan a trip, but it probably should be.
  1. Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada
Niagara Falls is one of the most well-known sites in North America, but how many people have truly seen the falls in all their glory? The American side of the falls is pretty, but absolutely pales in comparison to Horseshoe Falls visible on the Canadian side. Taking a ride on The Maid of the Mist Boat Tour remains the best vantage point of the falls and the fog of aquatic spray springing forth. The surrounding town has a thriving tourist district for fun activities, interesting eats, and fudge shops. The resorts are largely spectacular, with many sporting gorgeous falls-view rooms that allow visitors to wake up to one of the most iconic sites in North America. The falls alone are worth the trip, but the fun ambience of the surrounding hotels, restaurants, and villages enhance any visit.  
  1. Branson, Missouri
Right on the border between South and Middle America lays Branson, Missouri. The town has developed quite a reputation as a hotspot for road trippers with plenty of museums, great eats, and live music. Other than the live music, which is plentiful in the city, Branson is also home to one of the largest collections of theaters in the country, with an abundance of plays and musicals. From museums, to hotels, to zip lining, and much more, Branson has an activity that every senior can enjoy.
  1. Las Vegas, Nevada
While Branson’s theaters, shows, and entertainment are a beacon for regional travelers, Las Vegas attracts a similar crowd on an international scale. Las Vegas is almost like Branson on steroids, with more lights, more buildings, bigger shows, and more gambling. The entertainment mantra of Vegas is well known, but what attracts seniors is the top quality amenities via the hotels, the casinos, and live performances. Additionally, there is plenty of shopping around the city and strip, and the warm weather, party atmosphere is easy to jump in and out of as desired. There is always something to do, or something to see, making Las Vegas a great destination for a senior trip.
  1. Rome, Italy
Rome remains one of those bucket list cities everyone should see in their lifetime. The rich history pervades through the city with ancient Roman ruins around every corner and the massive Colosseum still standing tall in its heart. The people are vibrant and the food is fantastic. What better place to try authentic Italian dishes than in the heart of the country? Inside Rome lays the Vatican City, a religious beacon for those who follow the Catholic faith. While limited in size, the Vatican possesses as much history as anywhere on Earth, with the masterpiece that is the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican museum, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the home of the Pope. Rome has it all in terms of history, sites, food, and people. It is a must visit for anyone, and as a senior, it is easier to gain a greater appreciation.
  1. Sydney, Australia
There aren’t many cities in world with views and infrastructure like Sydney. The city envelopes the harbor in a way that burns a beautiful image in every traveler’s mind. The architecture of the Sydney Opera House pierces the night sky, and is matched in beauty only by its ornate interior. The Harbour Bridge joins the gap between North and South shores providing a gorgeous vantage point of the city. The beaches make Sydney standout from other coastal cities around the globe, as pristine waters blend with an urban atmosphere. For such a big city, Sydney is clean and offers a variety of food options, specifically seafood. Sydney stays relatively warm and balmy year round as the ocean influence keeps the climate mild. There is so much to do and see in Sydney, making it the perfect place to take a senior trip, as long as you can handle a long flight!
  1. St. John, Virgin Island
It’s really hard to find anything wrong with a trip to St. John. The island is compact with lush green grass and trees sweep across the mainland. The ocean coves bleed Caribbean teal, which is only interrupted by underwater shelves and plant life. A number of all-inclusive resorts dot the coastline of St. John, providing travelers with anything they could possibly need, all beach-side. The Caribbean island also features golf courses, other outdoor activities, and great fishing. There are few more scenic spots in the world, and fewer places geared for leisure than St. John’s Virgin Island, making it a perfect spot for seniors.
  1. Hawaii, United States
Hawaii is a popular vacation destination for people of all ages, but there’s something about the island that appeals to seniors looking to escape the mainland. The resorts are nice, and plenty of food options are available, but there’s just something about the air, the trees, and the Hawaiian beach that draws people in like a magnet. A great variety of outdoor activities allows travelers to explore the wide-variety of scenery that exists on the island. There are mountains, forested regions, rolling slopes, and active volcanoes. The clash of lava and sea outside of one of these active volcanoes leaves a long-standing impression of nature’s power in the eyes of visitors. The beaches themselves are tremendously varied in size, orientation, and sand. Hawaii has everything a senior could want in a tropical escape, and you don’t even have to leave the U.S.
  1. Alaska, United States
The massive Alaskan expanse located northwest of the U.S. mainland provides some of the most vibrant natural beauty. The snowcapped mountains provide the back-drop for sloping forests and vast wilderness expanse. The cities are few and far between, which makes hiking less than ideal for seniors, but the state is still a must visit. The best way for seniors to visit the region is an Alaskan Cruise on one of the many major cruise lines that service the area. The spectacular bay views and magnificent mountain peaks are all visible from the friendly confines of a warm cruise-ship with all the food you can eat and comfortable beds. An Alaskan cruise is one of the most leisurely, yet awe-inspiring vacations a traveler can take.
  1. Anywhere in Florida
This comes as no surprise, but the number one vacation spot for senior citizens remains Florida. There are a number of destinations within the state that could challenge for the top spot, so instead of listing all of them, grouping them together makes more sense. Whether enjoying the island style, ocean vibe of Key West, or the vibrant active streets of Miami, Florida has something for every senior. The weather stays warm and balmy year round in the state, making it hard for people to leave once they arrive. If the beach or city atmosphere isn’t for you, then perhaps take a trip to Orlando and visit Universal Studios or Disney World to enjoy two of the finest theme parks in the U.S. For those looking for natural beauty and peaceful reserves, then the Everglades may be to your liking. Florida is the ultimate combination of natural and synthetic leisure in an easily accessible location with warm weather. It really is the top destination for traveling seniors.

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