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Top 10 Gorgeous U.S. Camping & Hiking Sites.

After being cooped up inside for so long staring at the TV or the worse, the wall, your eyes need a little pick-me-up. Lucky for you, spring time is here, and nature ripe is for exploring. There are plenty of U.S. parks to help satisfy the hay fever. Check out one of these parks below to help find your place in nature.
  1. Gulf Islands National Seashore: 
If you are looking to combine a great camp-site with the perfect beach, then camping along the Gulf Islands National Seashore is a beautiful way to go. The beautifully blue ocean water contrasts with the white sandy beaches providing a perfect atmosphere for relaxation.
  1. Acadia National Park: 
Vast pine forests stretch throughout this park, only to broken up by lakes and ponds. Of the two camp-sites available in Acadia National Park, Seawall immerses you a little more in the atmosphere of the park, while Blackwoods is more commercial. Either way one of the most beautiful forest areas awaits you in Maine, especially in autumn.
  1. Yosemite National Park: 
One of the most naturally preserved parks in the nation; Yosemite National Park is an amazing place to camp. Not only are there gorgeous waterfalls, but countless valleys, rocky cliffs, great sequoias, and glacial beauty. The Sierra Nevada mountain range dominates the landscape no matter where you camp. In other words, you’ll always have a beautiful view.
  1. Grand Canyon National Park: 
While it may be kind of obvious, or even commercial, Grand Canyon National Park remains one of the most beautiful places to camp in America. The scenery awaiting travelers at the Grand Canyon speaks for itself. The enormous gorge is sliced only by the thin Colorado River which cuts through the center. Most camping takes place in the Mather Campground, which is open year round; however, some camp-sites are available on the North and South Rim seasonally.
  1. Redwood National Park: 
An iconic image of wildlife in Northern California, the redwoods of Redwood National Park tower over campers. Just the trunk of an ancient Sequoia is enough to inspire awe, but combine that with the immense stature of each tree, and the forest expanse, and that’s a gorgeous campsite. The park extends to the California coast, making for a unique combination of forest inland and coastline sea spray.
  1. Zion National Park: 
Located in Southern Utah near the Arizona border, Zion National Park combines the rock formation backdrop of the American Southwest with forested undergrowth and deep blue waters. The subway, a ravine river running through an arching rock tunnel sticks out as the most unique site in the park. The peak of Angel’s Landing towers over other surrounding outcrops and river below. Zion remains an excellent spot for campers and hikers to enjoy the outdoors against a beautiful background.
  1. Denali National Park: 
Located in the middle of Alaska and home to Mount McKinley, Denali National Park is an enormous expanse with a tremendous amount of wildlife and biodiversity. Few campsites are available, to preserve the natural beauty of the park, but these campsites sport stunning views of the Alaskan forest and looming mountains. The Wonder Lake campsite serves as a retreat for both campers and animal park inhabitants, all while reflecting the massive Alaskan sky and Mount McKinley. Each mile of the famous 92-mile park road is jam packed with spectacular natural beauty.
  1. Olympic National Park: 
Olympic National Park exists as a unique blend of clashing ecosystems in the Northwest corner of the U.S. The park has a little bit of everything with forest, coastline, mountains and gorgeous undergrowth. A number of unique species inhabit the park, and its mix of valleys, forests, and mountains. Words really don’t do this park justice, as there is so much to see and so much landscape variety in which campers immerse themselves.
  1. Rocky Mountain National Park: 
Rocky Mountain National Park has views that turn the phrase “Takes your breath away,” into a reality. The park is massive, featuring sloping hills, sky piercing mountain peaks, and low-lying lakes and forestry. The natural allure exists for both humans and animals as a range of different species take up residence in this tranquil retreat. The scene around Bear Lake is particularly magnificent, with lush green trees lining the lake’s crystal blue waters, only to be dwarfed by towering mountains in the background.
  1. Glacier National Park: 
Every inch of Glacier National Park redefines the word scenic. Mountains, lakes, forests, and greens expand as far as the eye can see as you camp and hike through the park. The view from the ground level of Avalanche lake is inexplicable, something that everyone should truly experience. The same can be said of the view from Glenn’s Lake, Bowman Lake, and the Alpine Meadow within the park. While the views are spectacular, the wildlife and camping facilities are equally spectacular. Glacier National Park sets the standard for gorgeous views and campsites. If you’re looking for a way to get out into the open air this spring, it’s hard to beat.

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