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Tips for Women who want to Travel Alone

First, women should not be afraid of traveling alone. Sure, traveling has its own challenges, but it can be a rich regarding experience for any adventurer. With the combination of planning and a bit of common sense, women can travel safely anywhere alone, should they have the mind to do so. According to a survey, women who travel the first time alone are 51 percent more likely to do so again. Women who travel alone discover a new sense of freedom, unknown in their normal life were they have been trained to always depend on other people. They also discover a new sense of adventure and many aspects of themselves they did not know were there. Being a solo traveler has more advantages, than disadvantages. If you travel alone, people will see you more approachable and more willing to learn. Normally, strangers stay weary of people traveling in a group. You will not be able to meet new, worldly people if you travel with a pack mentality. You can also make up your own itineraries, if you do not have a compromise to meet. Solo traveling also teaches confidence and how to become self-reliant. It is important to follow the golden rule of when in Rome do as Romans do. This will help you get along with the locals, or it will avoid unwanted attention. In India, it is advised that women wear dresses. They should not show too much of their skin, and short-shorts are out of the question. Without an escort, dressing in any other matter is asking for trouble. In Malaysia, it is advised that maidens wear long skirts. In Thailand you need to have your shoulders and knees covered to be allowed into the temples. Muslim areas of Indonesia would appreciate if maidens cover up a little; they will not throw you rocks for not wearing a headscarf. These rules of covering knees and shoulders can also be found in Vatican City, Morocco and in certain countries of Africa like Tanzania. These similar rules are a little more extreme in the Middle East. Though, only Jordan insists on the headscarf. Israel also has its own rules of modesty, so keep that in mind. Always read up on the dress code of the countries you wish to visit. This will help you get along with the locals, better since they will visually see that you respect and appreciate their culture. Traveling alone, does not mean isolating yourself from your peers. If you want to interact with other people, get an accommodation in a youth hostel. Europe also has plenty of free Walking Tours. You can meet up with new travelers who are in the same situation, in these tours. Visitors can also sign up for language and cooking classes in other countries. Once night falls, the solo wanderer can visit the cafes or the bars. If you feel adventurous, you can also check out the night club scenes in other countries as well. Normally, female tourist naturally takes three key precautions. Sole maiden tourists tend to avoid going out really, late at night. They also avoid quiet streets and alleys. They also try to dress like the locals, to avoid looking like a tourist. It is important to listen to one’s surroundings. Try not to be scared of everything, but still listen to your animal instincts. If they warn you of danger, you should probably prepare to either fight or run. Also, guard you bag with your life. Losing one’s passport is a real hassle, so when sitting keep your handbag on your lap. Even if you go dancing, take it with you. Never trust a stranger who says they will look after your things. It is better to be paranoid, than to be stranded without you passport. When you head out at night, always go in a large number. Try to go to parties with other people from the hostel. Also, agree to meet at a certain time. When arriving to a new town or city, try to get there before the night falls. Most help desks are closed at night, so if you get lost, you won’t get any help till morning. While riding on the bus, sit next to local women. You should also guard your possessions, if you travel in a crowded bus or a metro. There are always crafty pickpockets looking for a chance, regardless of where you travel. Jewelries should be kept to a bare minimum. It is always advisable to wear a fake wedding ring, even if you are not engaged. This will protect your somewhat from unwanted attention. The most important advice is to be careful with what you drink and eat. Do not leave your food unattended or drink from an open container. It is always preferable to be rude, than to drink something questionable. Taking these minimal measures will ensure a safe, and regarding solo travel experience. You should not shy away from traveling alone.

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