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Tips for New Travelers to New York City

new-york-cityTourists from within and outside the US have marveled at the Big Apple. Newcomers wonder how to maneuver the big city. Sidewalks in New York tend be really busy. Like so, it has certain etiquette akin to a busy highway. Do not just stand in the middle of the sidewalk. If you must stop, move to the side. If you are a large group, do stick toward the right. If you are lost, do not be afraid to ask for directions. New Yorkers are already used to giving instructions to lost tourists. Also, always keep an eye out for people in bikes. It is pretty easy to get run over by one while walking in the sidewalk. While staying in the city, there is no reason to rent a car. New York City has some of the best subway system in the US. If you choose to take the subway, try not to hold up the lines. Do not block the subway doors. It is best to move to the center of the train. If you notice an empty cart during rush hour, take the hint. There is a good reason why the cart is empty. Also be nice and give up your seat to the elderly, the disable or pregnant women. For taxis look at the light to see if the Taxi is available. It is easy to hail a cab when it is in the same side of the street as you. Try to make yourself visible when hailing a cab. The corners are a good spot. Avoid the clichés of sticking your arm up and out. You also do not need to whistle and holler at the driver. This might just annoy them and cause them not to pick you up. Don’t forget to make eye contact. When tourists visit museum, you will note a suggested price. If the fee is higher than you can afford, you are allowed to pay less. For Broadway shows, go online and look for discount codes. Also check out the discount booths in the day of the show. Going to the Statue of Liberty on a cruise boat is expensive. The Staten Island Ferry can take you there for free. Other places outside of New York like Brooklyn have great shopping spots. Do not be afraid to check out the areas surrounding this city. There are other cheap places to visit like The State Island Boat Graveyard, the Secret Garden at St. Luke in the Fields, the One-Room Discrete Houdini Museum and the Whispering Gallery in Grand Central Terminal.

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