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Time to plan Holiday Travel

This is the time of year when people begin to finalize their holiday travel plans. Often, families flee the cold and snow found in parts of the United States and head towards the Caribbean. This year may be different. The 2017 hurricane season was a very active one and as a result, many Caribbean islands are reeling from being hit, be it directly or indirectly by multiple storms. Many resorts in places like Puerto Rico, St. Maarten/St. Martin, the US Virgin Islands and more may not reopen in time for their busy season. Several cruise lines have rerouted their ships to Western Caribbean itineraries until ports are ready to receive ships at an as-yet unknown time. You might be wondering about WHERE you CAN go? There are alternatives to the islands in the Eastern Caribbean that might work for you this holiday season. We’ll discuss a few below. Keep in mind though, that the islands affected by the storms WILL need your support when they’re ready. Hopefully, you’ll consider traveling to places that are out of commission this season, at some time in the future. These lovely islands depend on tourism dollars to survive. Let’s begin with Europe. Why not think about a Holiday Markets river cruise? Eastern Europe is known for holiday markets in places like Germany, Austria and Hungary are lovely and they run from around Thanksgiving until the New Year depending on location. Some great river cruise lines are AMAWaterways, Avalon Waterways, Tauck and Viking River Cruises. Alternately you could consider a European land vacation. Tour operators like Trafalgar can wrap up great package deals for you and your family. Contact a professional travel agent for more details and assistance in booking the perfect family holiday in Europe. Cruises are still available for the holidays as well. While many Eastern Caribbean ports are closed as of the time of this post, cruises will still operate to Western Caribbean destinations. A cruise is a perfect family vacation: you unpack once and wake up someplace different almost every day. The ships look beautiful in their holiday decorations and it’s also a great time for your family to get together, have photos taken and to make new memories. Land vacations are another possibility to explore. Whether it’s to Florida, California, Hawaii or another state, there are countless options for vacationing right here in the USA. If you aren’t looking for a place that’s warm, head North to Canada for a change of pace. Whether it’s Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver or Whistler, you can find something for everyone by visiting our neighbor to the north! Islands such as Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic were largely spared from hurricane damage this season and remain excellent options for a holiday trip. Also, Mexico’s main tourist areas would be another option to consider. As you can see, there are still plenty of choices for your holiday vacation this year. It’s not too late to plan, and now is a great time to wrap up your plans for the 2017 holiday vacation season!

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