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The Travel Expert’s Guide to Mongolia.

A lot has changed since the days where the golden hoard rode through Europe destroying everything in sight and conquering the world. Yet in Mongolia there are still places that keep the old ways; drink fermented horse milk with honey, and sleep in tents. The days of Genghis Khan are far behind.  Today, Mongolia is a metropolis of culture, power and a not so well known tourist destination. Our Travel Experts will unlock the secrets of Mongolia and make a case as to why you should go there on your next vacation. What will you need
  • Passport, but no Visa, Routine Vaccines and Typhoid, Some basic Mongolian words and Mongolian Tograg (their currency)
  • Horseback riding lessons.
  • Basic outdoor survival skills. (we’re going trekking)
Where to visit
  • Lake Kholvgal – for an amazing sight of one of the most pristine waters in the world
  • Dulankhaan
  • Enden Zuu
  • Shiling bogd Uul peak (bring your trekking gear for this one)
  • Gobi Dessert
More Sights and Activities
  • Karakarum Ruins
  • Gondoantecgchinien Monastery
  • Yalyn Am Garbe
  • Ger Camps
  • Horseback excursions
  • Camel excursion on the Gobi Dessert.
Landscapes – Mongolia features steep Mountains and the Gobi Desert. Temperatures range from 10 degrees Celsius to 30 Degrees Celsius from May to October and 0 to 40 Celsius between November & April. The best time to visit is May to June.  At Airbnb, you have the option to stay at a Ger or Traditional Dwelling like the ones the Golden horde used to make. Cultural Shock warning – Mongols have always been open to all religions, even before the idea became mainstream as such expect to see ALL religious and creeds, mostly 53% of Mongols are Buddhist, 3% Shamanist, 3% Islam, 2% Christians, 12 % Janist, and many Shinto and other religions. Naadam Festival - While in Mongolia be sure to check out the steppes festivals featuring horse racing, archery, and wrestling during the Naadam Festival in July. Must Try Foods
  • Buzz – Steamed dumplings filled with meat, this is the Mongolian National Dish
  • Airag – Fermented horse milk – Mongolian National Drink
  • Guritai Shut Soup
  • Buddan bonbag
  • Boodag Meat
  • Khuushur Dumplings (very spicy)
  • Aaruul Dried Curd
  • Boortsag Fried Bisquits
  • Salted Milk Tea
Tipping Rules- Wait staff, Taxi Drivers, Bartenders and Purse Keepers require no tip. Tour guides require 1000 Mongolian Tagrag per day plus tipping for extra tour benefits. Do not knock on a Yurt Door, the person inside will let you know when, and if, you can come in. Do not haggle when shopping, this is discourteous and could get you into trouble. Table Manners Pass, accept, and lift objects with your right hand, palm up. Your left hand should support your right elbow. Always try what’s offered and avoid making negative comments. If you’re asked to eat Buzz, eat it, and enjoy it. It looks bad at first to westerners but it is DELICOUS. Keep an open mind to avoid looking like a tourist. Place your hands over a bowl to indicate you’ve had enough. Greet often and with a smile, nod and say Hello. Handshakes are also acceptable. Friends might lightly hug but no kissing. Take care not to point at anyone nor show the bottom of your feet or shoe. Mongolians keep little personal space and even ride on each other’s laps on public transportation. If you take a bus, be ready to have someone sit on you without asking, don’t freak out, it’s normal. Fire is considered sacred, NEVER throw garbage in a flame nor put it out. Basic Mongolian
  • Hello (San Ban-nah)
  • Goodbye (Bair-lah)
  • You’re Welcome (Zhoo-geer)
  • English (En-glish-ar)?
  • Yes (Teem)
  • No (oo-GreeeH)

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