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The Travel Expert’s Guide to DC.

Before you Travel – Average 80 degree temperatures in the summer and 38 degrees in the winter.   There are bus tours all over the US at a very affordable price.   No need to fly to DC, take a bus tour.   There is a tiny sculpture of Darth Vader at the Washington National Cathedral, (bring your binoculars and find it). Our nation’s Capital is a Mecca for historic travelers.  The District of Columbia or DC is a federal district created specifically to be the seat of power of the government.  It’s an awesome cool place to visit. These are some of the places you cannot miss if you visit DC. Washington National Cathedral – 6th largest Cathedral in the world. Construction began in 1907 and finished in 1990. On top of the northwest tower is a sculpture of Darth Vader, (no joke there really is) The White House – Every president since John Adams has lived in the White House. There are 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, and 6 levels in the residence area.  President Theodore Roosevelt gave the building its current name in 1901. Capitol Hill – This is the oldest and largest residential district in DC. Here you will find notable buildings including the U.S. Capitol, US Supreme Court, Library of Congress and the US Botanic Garden.  Here you will also find a vast array of shopping, dining and cultural events. Newseum – This 250,000 Square foot museum is all about the news through history. Featuring 7 levels of galleries, theaters and shops, this is also the largest unchanged display of the Berlin Wall outside of Germany. Lincoln Memorial – President Lincoln’s son was present at the May 30, 1922 dedication ceremony. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous “I have a dream” speech was made from the memorial steps. The Memorial Steps are located at the edge of the reflecting pool at the National Mall. Washington Monument – 555 Feet tall. Build in the shape of an Egyptian Obelisk. Mount Vernon – George Washington’s home for over 40 years. Mount Vernon is visited by over 1 million visitors each year. Smithsonian Institute – Home to 19 museums and galleries, the National Zoological Park and 9 research facilities. There are over 137 million artifacts, objects and specimens on display. The National Air and Space Museum - Founded in 1846, the National Air and Space Museum contains the world’s largest collection of historic aircraft and spacecraft.  Many are hung from the ceiling.  It is an amazing site. Best Places to dine in Washington, DC Old Eddith Grill – This place has been a standby since its saloon days in the 1850s. Today, with its location next to the White House, it is where politicians and sightseer’s cross paths. The Source - Wolfgang Puck has been making headlines in Washington ever since he brought his celebrity cheer to town with the Source Zengo and Jalco – Head over to Pen Quarter to the hustle and bustle of one of DC’s liveliest neighborhoods.  This is a great place to find Latin-Asian fusion food. Trails for trekkers – For Biking and Jogging If you’re a trucker and plan on visiting every Trek trail in the US be sure to check out these.
  • National Mall trail: 2.4 Miles - This trail highlights a huge number of landmarks. It’s also known as the historic Landmark Run.
  • Custis Trail (4 miles)
  • Capital Crescent Trail (11 Miles)
  • Rock Creek Park (13 Miles)
  • Mt. Vermont Trail (18.5 Miles)
  • Washington and Old Domino trail (45 Miles)
  • Bike and Segway trail – (Bike and Roll Washington DC Trail)
There are also a good number of walking tours like the DC Metro Food Tour, DC Walkabout Side Tour and the Washington DC Guided Night Tour. DC National Parks that are worth checking out Chesapeak and Ohio Canal National Historical Park – Check out the historical canal that was created to transport coal miners in the 1820s. It runs for 180 miles along the Potomac River featuring awesome vistas. Constitution Gardens – This Park was created as a legacy to the US Constitution.  Constitution Garden is 55 acres that is between the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall. George Mason Memorial Park – Features a very neat bronze statue.  It’s a small memorial park dedicated to George Mason, one of our founding fathers. Frederick Douglass National Historic site – Cedar Hill is the home of Frederick Douglass. This site features the places where runaway slaves lived after their escape. The site features eight acres of surrounding grounds. Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Garden – Lotus Pads and rare flowers, this is a plant lover’s paradise.   This National Park also features the habitat of the Great Blue Heron.      

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