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The Three Faces of Miami Beach

Miami Beach On a Cloudy Day

Most outsiders visiting Florida are often disappointed when they see the sky cloudy. Florida may be the sunshine state, but it gets plenty of rain. Even so, the locals brave the beach in search of a beautiful Miami Beach day. For those observant enough, they will note that certain clouds will not rain, even when they look most tenuousness. The locals have learned from observation when it is safe to visit Miami Beach, even on a seemingly rainy day. Others have more faith than others, and are thus rewarded. My family belongs to the latter group. We stubbornly visit Miami Beach, even when it looks like a Hurricane is coming. Heck, we have visited the beach, even when there was a Hurricane off the coast. The winds afford plenty of diversion to the locals. Miami Beach is a great place for wind surfing. There are always plenty of people doing the sport during windy days. They help break the monotony of an otherwise bleak day. For them, windy, stormy days are an opportunity to practice their sport. The downside to heading out on a cloudy day is the surf. The waves tend to break a bit stronger than usual. It is a good thing that the beach has several sandbanks all-round the coast. My family already has their locations memorized. Certain areas have the sand bank closer than others. If you see the waves breaking prematurely in certain sports, there are good odds that the sandbank is located there. Still, there is usually a super deep area between the coast and the sandbank.  If you are not certain, it is best not to brave the top. If anything, just walking beside the beach offers good diversions. Depending on the time of year, certain parts of the beach will be packed with seaweed. These become impossible to maneuver during cloudy days. They become harder to notice, without the rays of the sun to illuminate them. There are also the fishes to consider. Miami Beach gets plenty of marine life depending on the year. Its only permanent fish residents are the nurse sharks. They are nocturnal, and always sleep near rocks. If you feel large rocks beneath your feet, you should be careful. If you step on a nurse shark, they are likely to bite back. So, remember, do not shy away from a cloudy Miami Beach day.

Miami Beach At Sunset

[gallery ids="7164,7163,7162"] Sunsets in Miami Beach always offer a mesmerizing view. There are not two sunsets alike. As of late, the sunsets have been coming a lot sooner. These winter sunsets are upon you before you notice. Going to the beach during the winter time is always slightly disappointing. The issue is the time we manage to wake up, to go there. By the time it is 5:30 the sun is already gone. It sometimes feels that the winter sunsets are a lot faster, than those in the summer time. During the summer time, the sunsets tend to be redder, and brighter. Something about the scorching sun, adds an additional element to the sunset. Then again, Earth is farther away from the sun during the winter time. It makes sense that this would affect the luster of the sunset. Activity tends to decrease close to sunset. By then, most people have left and even the lifeguards have departed. Those who choose to stay note the ever growing strength of the ocean. High Tide is usually around sunset. Some tiny seagulls always tend to prowl about during this time of the day. It is a wonder why they only do so during sunset. The wind tends to slow down somewhat during the summer. This is the opposite during the winter time. The air gets colder and faster. At times, it really feels like it is truly winter time. This year, Florida has experienced an unusually hot winter. It rains most of the time, and it rarely gets bellow 70. This is not to say that the water is hot. Rather, the ocean does believe that it is winter. This is well noted by those foolish enough to try to walk by the waves. The wind alone is enough to splash icy cold water in one’s face. It is more so, during the winter time. Frankly, Sunset in Miami Beach is rarely enjoyed. By that time, the chairs rentals are up. They cost about 20 bucks in certain places. It is best to bring your own beach seating.

Miami Beach Seagulls

The seagulls are an ever looming presence in Miami Beach. They get fed by tourists all the time; they also pick up whatever scraps they can find. Competing with them for food are the doves. During the summer, they tend to increase in number tenfold. They are quite the annoying little hassle. Despite being annoying little critters, they are one of the most common photographed items in the beach. Practically every tourist has at least 1 photo of a seagull. It is a wonder why they are fascinated by the annoying little bird. Another thing tourists adore is reading books. Normally, people would not bother with a book. Something about the beach makes people literate. It is important to keep that in mind. My family too reads books often in the beach. Some of the books seen in the beach are pretty hilarious. One time, I saw someone reading a boring economic group. I suppose it if is to summon a nap, reading an economic book will work. From Colin and the 22nd Street, one can always see ships departing. These too are common items that capture people’s interest. From time to time, there are other interesting things, like people in parachute. Unlike Kite surfing, parachutes require extra wind. This is not a sport that is all that common in Miami Beach. There is one thing you will not see. Miami Beach is not a good place for surfing. There are plenty of sand banks that break the waves. The skyscrapers and the hotels are another common sight. They break the skyline with their roofs. The sun always sets upon them. This provides additional shading close to sunset. They are always towering over all the visitors. Bellow their shadows; at times visitors can discern the beach manors and mansions; though most are hidden behind the vegetation in the beach. One needs to be closer to town to see the mansions. All in all, there is plenty to check out.

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