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The origin of Luggage

The origin of Luggage. The Evolution of Luggage – How it all began.

For all time, man has traveled to and from various destinations and while doing so, has needed to carry supplies and food to aid in his travels. To solve this problem, luggage was created. What first began as wood and animal hides combined to create baggage, has now evolved to a variety of shape, size, colors and materials that still serve the same purpose: to carry your things. But even though the purpose is the same, the applications are entirely unique. We have asked our travel experts to put together the origin of luggage and track how we went form square luggage to the super advanced smart luggage of the future. It all began in Palestine in the 1153 where wheeled luggage was created to carry weaponry during the crusades. The term “Luggage” is coined from the world “Lug” which means “to drag” around the 1600s. The modern suitcase began to take form in the 1800s. Men where expected to keep their work unwrinkled and clean despite the rough terrain of travel. Suitcases where made of cowhide on wooden frames, built from rugged condition. Wheeled luggage however made another appearance pulled by an elephant transferring the Maharani of Nadir to Howzah Durbar. Prince Albert is awarded 3 gold medals for creating the Traveling carry-all Omni- Conveyance Bewheeled. A device with HUGE wheels that could hold a huge array of large cases. The idea to make the wheels smaller and attach them to the luggage did not come until much later. The French Trunk-maker, the house of Moynat, released its first wicker truck (also known as a Moynat Truck). The Design became immediately popular for travel, as it was lightweight and Moynat was the innovator of using gutta-percha waterproofing on trunks. Around 1870s Louis Vuitton invents the first Teamer Trunk design especially for long distance travel by ship. The most sought after features of the truck was the flat top, making it easily stackable in steamship cargo holds. This LV model stayed exceptional popular using the 1920s. Around 1910s the Shwayder Trunk Manufacturing company launched in Denver, co and eventually became the luggage leader, Samsonite in 1966. In the early 1900s, Samsonite developed taglines such as “Strong Enough to Stand on” To emphasize the durability of their hand-shell cases. The idea of having wheels on a luggage became greatly unpopular as Redcaps considered men who wheeled luggage “sissies and women” (that was the literal words they used) And thus wheeled luggage was discontinued and replaced by luggage that could be dragged. Suitcases at this point took a step back in comfort to favor fashion. They evolved in other ways. Suitcases evolved to carry more than just clothes. Different shapes and sizes where created to carry cameras, cigars and more. Though it’s been around since the crusades ,U.S. Luggage patents where wheeled luggage. They were the innovators who realized wheels on a luggage go around and round easier. Today’s upright rolling luggage was invented by pilot Bob Plath. He invented Luggage on wheels! With an extended handle. He called his invention the Rollaboard and launched wide scale production in 1989 with his company Travelpro. The collapsing tow handle was invented and patented by Don Ku. For those hoping to get thru the airport faster, in 2007, luggage became a stroller, a bike and a scooter. Great innovations but it was not yet a carry on. Making luggage small enough to carry on a plane did not come till later. Suitcases have been used to create art for many years. Artist Maarten De Ceular entitled ‘Pile of Suitcases’ was hailed as a “highly dynamic clothing cabinet rich in poetry” Many more artistic luggage has been created, and local Miami artist Romero Britto has some of his art on luggage. The birth of Smart Luggage started in 2015 with Samsonite’s Concept Features GPS, a computer with game joysticks and a sensory keyboard, wireless internet access, an LED touch-screen monitor, wheel brakes, digital locking system and even room for your clothing. Move-on Suitcase created transformer luggage collection by Agent3 Models- one that transition into a baby stroller, on that transition into a single person seat and one that transition into a dolly type contraption for easy moving of more luggage Climbing Up suitcase by Woo Moonhyung Can tread up any surface using free-wheeling rubber belts, which makes dragging your suitcase much easier. There is also Numinous London which comes with anti- theft, fingerprint lock, puncture resistant zips, anti-slash, and other amazing features. What will they come up next? And for a more specific look at the birth of the modern luggage check out our other post on the history of the modern luggage. (link) Luggage Factory is at the forefront of luggage technology with smart luggage and the latest creations by Travelpro Samsonite and all the forefront companies.

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