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The Most Dangerous and Safest Cities to Travel

Tourists tend to choose places because of they look pretty. Though, sometimes it is important to do a little research before going to a certain location, or you can read this information. It is a nice description of the top 10 safest and 10 worse travel destinations in the world. You will also find out the reason why these places are considered safe and what makes those other destinations true tourist traps. First, up are the dangerous tourist destinations. These cities are true lemons. One of the worse tourist traps in the world is Nairobi, Kenya. Travelers should avoid the place because of terrorists, who specifically target Western visitors. In Peshawar, Pakistan, warring factions too like to attack outsiders. There is also the occasional suicide bombing in the city. This is certainly not a place you would like to visit. It is sad because Peshawar has such a rich history. Their ancient king Arslan was one of the first kings to abolish slavery. Colombia is another important tourist’s destination. However, tourists forget the country has been in civil war for more than 50 years. The civil unrest is most palpable in the crime ridden city of Bogota. Tourist maidens tend to be taken, like in the movie Taken. The city also has one of the worst public transportation systems in the world. Honduras has the city of San Pedro Sula. This city has something worse than gangster problems. Instead of gangsters, the city has death squads that regularly patrol the streets. The neighboring villages are also controlled by local war lords. In Yemen, the Sana’A city is famous for kidnapping foreigners. Cape Town in South Africa has a high theft rate. Any tourist is bound to get mugged in this city. Also, if you step outside the tourists’ area there is a good chance you can get murdered or kidnapped. In Port Moresby in Papau New Guinea, carjacking is common and the bus scene is a mess. Closer to home, the US has two cities in this department. Tourists should stay away from Baltimore and Detroit. Both have a really high crime rate. As for the safest cities in the world, the first place worth visiting is Hilo, Hawaii. Hilo is the safest city for women to travel alone. Copenhagen, Denmark has one of the lowest crime rates of all of Europe. South Korea’s Seoul city has a really low crime rate, despite being a large city. This affords tourists plenty of safe, fun variety. Up in Canada, tourists can find the safe city of Toronto. Then again, Canada is already famous for being a safe, harmless country. Reykjavik in Iceland is said to be the friendliest city in the world. They are unfamiliar with the term petty crime. It is an ideal, safe destination. Tokyo, Japan is another popular tourists destination and for good reason. It was named the safest city in the world last 2015. It’s funny if you think about the Yakuza who operate in the city. Unlike most criminal organizations, they have the common sense to leave foreigners alone, since they too benefit from tourism. Zurich, Switzerland has a pretty high living standard; as such the people do not need to resort to crime to survive. This makes it a safe travel destination for tourists. Croatia has its own Athens known as Dubrovnik. It is a safe city filled with history. Truly, there is plenty to see in Dubrovnik. Singapore City has really strict law enforcement, which is both good and bad at the same time. If visitors do not read up on certain laws, they risk being fined or jailed. For its strictness Singapore was named the 2nd safest city in the world. The last city worth mentioning is Stockholm, Sweden. Violent crimes against tourist practically never occur there. It too received a high safe rating, last 2015. Keep these cities in mind, the next time you are planning your travels.

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