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The Joys of “Worldschooling”

Recently, there has been a new trend in countries all over the world. Instead of waiting till kids grow up or enter their teens, parents are opting to travel the world with their little ones. They do so with the hopes of making their children more cultured. For example, Austrian father Henrik Hoffmiller one day decided to change his job, to travel the world accompanied by his 9 year old son. Before them, his job required traveling all over the world, alone. He felt like his son was growing up without him. He did an entire lifestyle change to show his son, the world. Other families have also traded the luxuries of home, in order to afford what the world has to offer them. More and more, families are traveling together in mass. They live with the belief: Families that Travel Together Stay Together. This has given rise to a new terminology known as “worldschooling”. It differs from homeschooling with regards to the fact that children are learning while traveling the abroad with their family. Some parents do formal lessons, but in a new setting. After the lessons, they take their children to museums and other locations; to take in a new culture so different from their own. This constant interaction with other culture helps build tolerance. Other parents try a less formal approach. This approach emphasizes on children learning from their own experiences, out on the road. This was born from the belief that travel is essential for the development of a well-rounded individual. Some families go a step further, and travel for more than 5 years. The road trip concept is not new to the US, though most families prefer to limit the trip to the summer vacation. The Miller Family has decided to spend 6 years on the road, and visit all 7 continents. They have been slowly traversing the globe from the comfort of a truck. They spend 2 hours a day giving formal education to their children. It has been four years, and they have already visited 4 continents. The idea was born during a road trip from New York City to the Florida Keys. Once the Millers got to the Keys, they had a Forrest Gump moment. They were filled with the desire to continue their travels. Very few families have the courage to follow through, with such a bold idea. The Millers have never regretted traveling. The kids were at the right age. Not too old to need nannies, but not old enough where education would matter. Naturally, getting the entire trip organized was a major cause for concern. They chose the time to travel, instead of a big house and a nice car. A lot of families across the US are choosing to live in humbler accommodations, to travel instead. They are choosing to be rich in experience, instead of stocking up on material possessions. The children will always remember fondly the trips they took with their families. Most children still remember their first trip to Disney World. Sometimes, it is better to sacrifice home luxuries, in exchange of traveling. Memories parents make with their children, is the only thing that will matter in the end. Parents should not worry too much about “worldschooling” their kids, for at least a year. The children pick up information easily, as one travels along. Always prioritize culturally important locations. Traveling for more than 5 years is a bit of an extreme case. However, parents should not deny their kids the chance of experiencing the world.

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