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The Joys of Traveling Through the Pamir Mountains

Modern day adventurers wishing for a new thrill can check out the Silk Road. For centuries, the Silk Road was used to transport goods from Europe to Asia. Brave adventurers like Marco Polo, made their fortunes in this road. For years a part of this road was had been sealed off. Now the Pamir Mountains, an important part of these roads, are open to brave mountaineers. [gallery ids="5738,5737,5736"] In Persia, this land was known as the Roof of the World. It is located in the autonomous region of Taijikistan, which borders China and Afghanistan. It is one of the highest mountain ranges of the world. The area has been closed for some time, to travelers. It was only used by the Soviet for military purposes. Now, brave travelers can see this new landscape. The Throat of the world or Gorno-Badakhshan is connected to the outside thanks to the Pamir Highway. Just ridding through it can show visitors unique sights. The road is only usable from May to September. When winter comes, the roads get covered by snow. The surroundings of Pamirs are littered with many small ruins. The largest of the lot is the 3rd century Yamchun Fort. It was built on top of a cliff, so it is not that hard to miss. [gallery ids="5739,5740,5741,5742,5743,5744"] It was designed to control traffic and cargo flow into Asia. Getting to the Fortress might be a bit difficult, since it borders with Afghanistan. After passing through border control, the way is pretty much clear from there. Locals from both countries regularly pass through there to trade. It is reminisces of the times when the Silk Road was an important trade route. The locals from this area have their own unique heritage. Women there proudly sport unibrow. In their culture it is a symbol of beauty and purity. For men, it is a sign of strength. If they do not have a natural unibrow, the locals just paint it on. It is a silly, interesting practice. They often travel to Khorog to participate in music festivals, sporting traditional dresses. The villagers’ survival depends on herbing. So, tourists visiting these mountains can expect to see livestock every so often. Outside of Pamr Highway, there are no paved roads. The further inland one gets the more rustic the scenery becomes. Keep this in mind, should you choose to transverse to Pamir Mountains.

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