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The First Blue Wine in the World

gik-blue-wine A Spanish Wine company named Gyk Blue came up with a bright new idea. The company has always made wine the old way. This time by breeding red and white grapes and later adding organic pigments they created blue grapes. The end result is a sweet blue wine. Naturally, this is raising a few eyebrows within the wine industry. The co-creator Artiz Lopez said the company wanted to try something new. Together with a team of chemical engineers from the University of the Basque Country, the company was able to create blue wine. Universities should work on profitable projects like this more often. There is more to life than the searching for a cure for cancer. Even if a cure could be discovered, it will probably go the way of the Electric car. Anyhow, the organic pigment is called anthocyanin and indigotine. This is not the first time there have been experiments of this kind. For example Puerto de Indias once tried to make a strawberry gin. The experiment ended in failure. The market for this blue wine is for people under 30. Though older buyers still prefers, traditional wine. IF anything, the blue wine is worth checking out.

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