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Tasty snacks for your next flight


With all the airline cutbacks in recent years, food in flight is basically nonexistent unless you’re flying in a premium class of service. So, what can you bring along with you while in flight? Here are some ideas. Keep in mind, you’re in an enclosed area, so foods that are rather smelly should be avoided.

Many of these items are available in your local, better grocery stores as well, so don’t forget to stop there before you head out for the airport. Just remember that you must still adhere to the TSA rules regarding liquids. The items suggested here are available in sizes that meet those requirements.

Fresh fruit and nut butter

Bring along an apple, either whole or sliced, and pick up some packets of yummy peanut butter, chocolate hazelnut spread or almond butter. You can find individual, TSA-compliant packets at most local grocery stores, or on line. Speaking of chocolate hazelnut spread, Nutella even makes individual containers of this yummy treat, packed with breadsticks for dipping! And yes, it’s under 3 ounces!!

Fresh Veggies and hummus

Be healthy and pack some carrots, celery or whatever veggies you like, and toss in an individual container of hummus or dip (YES!! You can find these in 3 ounce or less containers too!!)

Dried fruit and/or trail mix

Again, many grocery and health food stores sell dried fruits, nuts and trail mix in bulk. Buy the items you like, package it up and you’ve got another yummy snack.

Cheese and crackers

There are many varieties of cheeses that are sold in individual servings, or even small platters. Toss one of those, along with some crackers and maybe even some grapes into your carry on and save lots of money over what a similar item would cost in flight.

Sweet and salty snacks

Pita chips, mini cookies, chocolate covered raisins, licorice, etc. are easy to pack and by bringing your own, you can choose items that are healthier than the normal bag of potato chips. By putting a bit of thought into your in-flight snacks, you can save money, eat healthier and arrive at your destination ready to hit the ground running.

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