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Take your pet on vacation!

Take your pet on vacation! Explore the PAWSibilites! Your pets are part of the family and they deserve a vacation too, right? Did you know that many hotels, restaurants, airlines, campgrounds and even Amtrak allow travel with pets? They sure do, and here are some ideas! With some research and advance planning, Fido and/or Mittens can come along with you on your vacation. First and foremost, if you’re traveling with your furry loved one, PLEASE be sure and use common sense with regards to time of year, weather and safety! If it’s hot and humid, and you’re not comfortable, imagine your cat or dog! Pack plenty of water and allow time to cool down and have “rest” breaks. Amtrak will allow pets on many routes, for trips of up to 7 hours and only in the USA. They’re also only allowed in coach and there is a small fee charged. Your furry friend must remain in the pet carrier for the trip, with an advance reservation and early booking is suggested. You can find all the specifics on Amtrak’s website. Pets can also fly on airplanes, though each carrier has their own requirements and fees, and not all of them will allow pets to be flown as checked baggage. Again, advance reservations are necessary and should be made well in advance as space is limited. With regards to international travel there are usually specific requirements that vary by country (and even in the state of Hawaii) regarding quarantines and various documentation that is needed. Campgrounds across the country permit pets as well. Many charge a small pet fee but some do not. Dogs are also allowed in National Parks but they must be on a leash, any pet waste must be cleaned up immediately and there are some trails in parks that are off limits to animals. Visit the National Parks website for information pertaining to your specific destination. Finally, pets are welcome in many hotel chains across the country. Brands such as Kimpton hotels, Loews, Residence Inns, Hotel Indigo, Red Roof Inns and many more, are happy to have Rover or Tiger check in with you. Several chains do assess a pet cleaning fee but some do not. Loews Hotels even has special meals for dogs and cats, and they’ll provide pet dishes, beds and litter boxes. If you choose to leave your pet at home, but decide you want some company, Kimpton properties will lend you a goldfish! Again, check with your preferred hotel chain and give them a call to confirm that your pet is permitted and to have this noted on your reservation.   Luggage Factory has a selection of pet carriers to make your critters’ trips easy! So, the next time you pack up the car and head out for vacation, remember to bring the entire family, even the ones in the fur coats!

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