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final Version Luggage Factory TagTraveling alone doesn’t have to be lonely or boring. In fact, it can be a great deal of fun and can provide you with opportunities to explore the world on your own, at your own pace, and maybe even with no real plans! While some destinations are more suited to families, there are plenty of options for those who are traveling independently. Our Travel Experts ® have some suggestions!

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Travel Insurance Travelers often ask if they need to purchase travel insurance. To help you decide, consider these issues which could arise while you are traveling:

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In a city facing larger issues such as rising waters from global warming, an evacuation of locals because of high rents and property prices, and approximately 60,000 tourists arriving daily, luggage would seem to be the least of their worries. However, the city council is demanding that wheeled luggage has to go.

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With smartphones in almost each consumer’s hand now, the travel industry has changed drastically. Take at look at these great travel apps to help organize and plan your vacation like never before.

  1. TripIt: This app takes trip organization to another level. TripIt will synch with your email and grab all travel related emails. Everything will be stored in a folder on the app that contains...

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Sometimes, suitcases just don’t make sense for travel.  For example, if you are taking a road trip and need a lot of clothes, a clunky suit-case might not be the best option.  You will likely need a stuff-able, huge, light-weight bag that you can throw in and out of the back of your car.  In these situations, a good duffel bag can come in handy. The usefulness of a duffel bagis not limited to a...