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Everyone has luggage, often similar luggage, so how do you differentiate yours from all of the other similar bags in baggage claim? Luggage tags and indicators may help, but they can still be hard to see in a sea of grey, black, and brown. So, why not try designer luggage? Designer luggage comes in both hard-side and soft-side and features great patterns and even famous artistry depending on the...

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Europe is a popular travel destination throughout the year. Depending on your city of choice and your length of stay, you’ll want to consider a variety of types of luggage. From the cobblestone streets of Prague, where a duffel bag or backpack is your best bet, to the beaches of Barcelona, where two or four wheel luggage with maximum storage is ideal, use our buyer friendly guide to compare each...

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With all the different types and sizes of wheeled luggage, it can be confusing as to what may fit your needs the most. In this guide, we have broken down all the different sizes and styles of luggage to help you find what fits your personal needs.

Rolling Totes

Often thought of as overnight bags, rolling totes are typically small enough to fit both under the seat and in the overhead bin of...

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Most airlines allow passengers to travel with one carry-on suitcase, one personal item, and one checked bag. Below is a breakdown of checked luggage restrictions and fees for most airlines.


Carry-On Luggage

Recently, airlines have become much stricter enforcing their carry-on luggage size requirements. Previously, airlines measured the size of the actual bag (not including the wheels). Now,...