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Travelpro luggage Sale Travelpro luggage has been a leading travel goods brand for almost 25 years. In 1987, a Northwest Airline’s pilot had the idea of adding wheels to his luggage, creating the Original Rollaboard wheeled luggage. Travelpro has been a luggage and travel industry leader creating bags and luggage that has transformed the ease of travel. For 25 years, Travelpro has been a driving force in the innovation of Luggage technology; creating bags and Luggage that has set new standards. is proud to offer Travelpro’s full line of luggage, bags, suitcases, executive/ computer briefs, backpacks, totes, rolling duffels, carry ons, spinners and much more.

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In a city facing larger issues such as rising waters from global warming, an evacuation of locals because of high rents and property prices, and approximately 60,000 tourists arriving daily, luggage would seem to be the least of their worries. However, the city council is demanding that wheeled luggage has to go.

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With all of the concerns about weight limits and size restrictions, the security of your items can sometimes be lost in the shuffle. It’s uncommon to think of locking luggage because it is beyond the traveler’s control after checking in bags. However, a small lock can go a long way in preventing the frustration of stolen luggage or valuables. 3 digit-TSA approved combination locks act as both a...

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Check this list to be sure you avoid these common packing mistakes!

  1. Forgetting an essential item: Whether it’s your passport, boarding pass, or other important documents, this could cause some major complications. Buy a passport holder or small clutch to keep organized and minimize the chance of loss!
  1. Luggage breaks:Do your research beforehand and invest in a durable piece of luggage. It’s...