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    Today’s CEO’s are working harder than ever, and subsequently travel more than ever. With all that mileage comes the inevitable stress and strain of constant work and air travel. So, to help with the transition from city to city and meeting to meeting, you need a piece of luggage that handles the stress of business travel as well as you do. Not only must a bag be durable and tough enough to handle the strain of your job, but also it needs to match your professional style. Rimowa Topas: Not only does the aluminum Rimowa Topas radiate style and elegance, but it also takes the beating of frequent business travel in stride. The clamp lock-bag style keeps the Topas’ profile sleek and secure for travel with sensitive business materials. Best Luggage for a CEO would be a carry-on Rimowa Topas is the perfect bag for a business executive who wants unquestionable durability and class. Rimowa Topas

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    Hard-side luggage or soft-side luggage? This is the question we all have when it comes to buying a bag. However, once you decide that hard-side is your preference, which one should you buy? Well there are a variety of hard-side options to choose from depending on your needs as a traveler. Hard-side luggage can be made of ABS plastic, polycarbonate, or aluminum. We offer a number of different...

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    Here at the Luggage Factory we offer all the best luggage brands to give our shoppers the most choices possible. As with any luggage decision, choosing the “best brand” is not a simple choice. It depends on what the bag will be used for and what the consumer values most in his or her travels. Warranty, weight, durability, style, functionality, and price all have to be considered when making a...

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    The luggage industry has begun to shift in recent years towards 4-wheeled spinnersas opposed to traditional 2-wheeled luggage. People love the mobility and ease with which they can navigate airports and other travel centers with 4-wheeled luggage. As carry-on bags, spinners easily swivel down the aisles of airplanes. With heavy luggage, the added mobility of 4-wheels makes a trip nearly strain...

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    Luggage comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and styles each geared towards the different needs and tastes of travelers. When purchasing luggage, it is important to distinguish what you value most in terms of travel. Whether it’s weight to ensure remaining under the weight limit, durability for long-lasting luggage, aesthetics for professional or sleek looking luggage, or pack-ability...