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There are 1 Septillion Stars in the observable universe (that’s a 1 with 24 sets of 3 zeros afterwards) There are also 5 Sextillion grains of sands on this earth. That means that we can observe more stars in the heavens than grains of sand. Meaning that for every grain of sand, there are 200 stars in the sky, and that doesn’t even begin to cover the stars that are beyond the observable universe....

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If you’ve been itching to go backpacking on a trail, then putting your pack together is priority 1.  Eagle Creek Backpacks usually get the job done but how do you know what type of pack you need? Maybe this will help.

How long is your trip? And how Will the temperature be?

If your trip will be less than 3 Weeks and the weather is hot you should just stick to the 30-50 L Backpacks. If you’re...

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If you’re traveling to Tanzania you’re probably thinking of climbing the elusive Kilimanjaro and you’re an experienced hiker with an awesome Eagle Creek backpack to boot. But there is so much more to Tanzania than the huge mountain. Let’s Explore it together. Before Traveling to Tanzania, you will need Both Passport and Visa. Vaccines for Routine, Typhoid and Malaria. Speak some basic Swahili...

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Whether you’re off on a two week adventure o rlast minute business trip carry ons make the travel cheaper. Airlines charge up to $100 for your first checked bag. The travel experts at Luggage Factory will teach you how to travel with a carry on each time and avoid the checked Bag Fees. Make sure your carry on can make it thru TSA There are items that you cannot carry in a carry on but you can...

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Travel Expert’s Guide to Greece: Language Greek , Document Needed : Passport; No Visa , Currency Euro. Where to go:


Don’t Miss: Touring the Acropolis and Museum in the late afternoon or early Evening when the cruise ship have left. Stay: Hotel Grand Bretagne


Don’t Miss: The Red Beach – It is literally red as a result of volcanic rock and has great snorkeling! Stay: Mystique