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Amsterdam is best known for its amazing flowers, great Museums, incredible Monuments and of course cycling. Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands and the 5thgreenest city in Europe. Biking, canals and flowers are some of the most prevalent things in the city. The Best time to visit is between March & August. Amsterdam is the flower capital of the world, so expect some Flower Related...

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The Travel Expert’s Guide to the Czech RepublicThe Czech Republic is beer country and so much more. It’s one of those places you don’t think to travel to but enjoy every second of it, especially on Easter weekend as they have numerous festivals on those days. This is The Travel Expert’s Guide to Czech Republic. To travel you will need a Passport, but no Visa, routine immunization shots, some basic...

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Lisbon, Portugal is one of the top spring break destinations as it’s so diverse. Its Sunny, it’s a beautiful setting, and has a variety of things to do. Due to its polarities, prices have risen. But it’s well worth the trip. So, if you’re planning to visit Lisbon this spring, this is the travel experts Guide to Sunny Beaches and the amazing Island of Lisbon.

Beaches Worth Visiting

  • Ericeira– Top...

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Travel Expert’s Guide to Greece: Language Greek , Document Needed : Passport; No Visa , Currency Euro. Where to go:


Don’t Miss: Touring the Acropolis and Museum in the late afternoon or early Evening when the cruise ship have left. Stay: Hotel Grand Bretagne


Don’t Miss: The Red Beach – It is literally red as a result of volcanic rock and has great snorkeling! Stay: Mystique


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guide-to-londonMost tourists just blindly follow their tour guide. Still, there are many interesting little facts about London, which only someone who has lived there will know. London is one of the most visited cities in the world. Every knot and crevice has its own historical significance. Each year, over 15 million international tourist visit London. With so many visitors to choose from, the London tour...