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Checked baggage

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Here at our team of Travel Experts receive frequent calls about carry-on luggage. We are often asked, “What is the best carry-on bag?” “What is the perfect carry-on luggage?” “What carry-on fits on every airline?” “Which bag is best for business travelers?” and many more similar questions. 635602781021078957-GTY-459622980Due to constantly changing TSA and airline policies, it can be very hard for travelers to...

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Today’s CEO’s are working harder than ever, and subsequently travel more than ever. With all that mileage comes the inevitable stress and strain of constant work and air travel. So, to help with the transition from city to city and meeting to meeting, you need a piece of luggage that handles the stress of business travel as well as you do. Not only must a bag be durable and tough enough to handle the strain of your job, but also it needs to match your professional style. Rimowa Topas: Not only does the aluminum Rimowa Topas radiate style and elegance, but it also takes the beating of frequent business travel in stride. The clamp lock-bag style keeps the Topas’ profile sleek and secure for travel with sensitive business materials. Best Luggage for a CEO would be a carry-on Rimowa Topas is the perfect bag for a business executive who wants unquestionable durability and class. Rimowa Topas

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With all of the concerns about weight limits and size restrictions, the security of your items can sometimes be lost in the shuffle. It’s uncommon to think of locking luggage because it is beyond the traveler’s control after checking in bags. However, a small lock can go a long way in preventing the frustration of stolen luggage or valuables. 3 digit-TSA approved combination locks act as both a...

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With the strict size and weight restrictions on checked luggage today, the right sized checked bag is increasingly harder to find. In addition to the airline restrictions, it’s also difficult to decide whether to buy 2 wheeled luggage or a piece of 4 wheeled spinner luggage. Throw the hard-side bag versus soft-side bag on top and you have quite the conundrum. But don’t panic. With a little thought...