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Normally, there are a relatively few people who are afraid of flying. This fear has been spreading ever since the September 11; the TSA is not helping too much in this department. Seeing so much security, instead of calming people down, makes them more nervous. Plane crashes rarely happen, but when they do, they gets international coverage. Both on TV and the Internet circulate graphic images of...

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The day before Thanksgiving, and the Sunday after, are 2 of the most heavily traveled days in the year. In order to make your trip easier, especially if you are flying, here are some things to remember: Leave extra early-lines at security checkpoints will be longer, and there will be more casual travelers flying. Those who do not fly often are less familiar with the procedures so help yourself out...

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Recently, the International Air Transport Association (IATA-an airline trade organization) suggested that adopting a smaller carry onsize would allow more space in the already-crowded overhead bins on flights. Using the current size (22” x 14” x 9”) often results in 20 or more passengers having to “gate check” their larger carry on items. Within days, after resistance from travelers, the airlines...

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Modern luggage has been constantly reinvented during its short 120-year history

Check out this amazing article in the Smithsonian. They explore the full history of luggage starting in the late 1800's. This is around the same time that our former company York Luggage's early roots can be traced back to the days when we made all our bags in the U.S.A by hand.

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