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    Briggs & Riley

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    While luggage is built to withstand the wear and tear of travel, like anything else, mishandling and damages can occur. Even the best and most durable bags can lose a handle or have a wheel knocked off in today’s world of frequent travel. So, what do you do when your pull handle breaks or your zipper comes off its track? The first thing you should do is report the damage to the airline as soon as...

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    Hard-side luggage or soft-side luggage? This is the question we all have when it comes to buying a bag. However, once you decide that hard-side is your preference, which one should you buy? Well there are a variety of hard-side options to choose from depending on your needs as a traveler. Hard-side luggage can be made of ABS plastic, polycarbonate, or aluminum. We offer a number of different...

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    Since the crack-down on weight limits, the luggage industry has been shifting towards lighter materials to help keep travelers under the typical 50 pound weight limit. Because of this shift, the market has become inundated with “lightweight” luggage options, making it hard to decide what piece is best for you. Here at Luggage Factory we offer a variety of lightweight luggage options from all the...

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    Here at the Luggage Factory we offer all the best luggage brands to give our shoppers the most choices possible. As with any luggage decision, choosing the “best brand” is not a simple choice. It depends on what the bag will be used for and what the consumer values most in his or her travels. Warranty, weight, durability, style, functionality, and price all have to be considered when making a...