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Luggage Factory 2017 Tent Sale Dates Announced The Luggage Factory retail store will hold its 2017 annual tent sale July 14, 15 & 16. The sale, which draws thousands of customers throughout New Jersey has become a summer staple for the local community. This year’s sale will be the Luggage Factory’s 31thtent sale which started in 1983 . David Southard, Chief Operating Office, explains that the...

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If you’ve been itching to go backpacking on a trail, then putting your pack together is priority 1.  Eagle Creek Backpacks usually get the job done but how do you know what type of pack you need? Maybe this will help.

How long is your trip? And how Will the temperature be?

If your trip will be less than 3 Weeks and the weather is hot you should just stick to the 30-50 L Backpacks. If you’re...

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Tourist or Traveler. Is there a difference? How can you tell? We asked this question to our travel experts and they came up with this simple test to determine if you're a tourist, or a traveler. Simple if you answer yes add +1 to your tourist list, if you answer no to any of these questions then ad +1 to your traveler list, and at the end the one with most points will help you determine your...

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There are certain stresses that go with traveling. Being prepared and informed can help make travel more stress free and enjoyable

Packing Tips :

  • Make a list and tick to it
  • Consider the events you will participate in both day and night and write down a possible outfit for each activity. One piece may cover multiple occasions.
  • Pick clothes that coordinate well together, based around...

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This is a Comprehensive guide to Luggage Safety. We will cover things like what to do if your luggage is lost or how to file a claim. What to do if you have lost Luggage

  • File a Claim Immediately : Remember to include all contact information with your luggage when you pack. It helps to have a good luggage tag.
  • Keep all receipts: Comes in handy when you need them most
  • Don’t Call the...