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A lot has changed since the days where the golden hoard rode through Europe destroying everything in sight and conquering the world. Yet in Mongolia there are still places that keep the old ways; drink fermented horse milk with honey, and sleep in tents. The days of Genghis Khan are far behind. Today, Mongolia is a metropolis of culture, power and a not so well known tourist destination. Our...

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Sri Lanka is the #1 Tea exporters in the world and they have some of the best Tea on the planet. Definably a worthwhile reason to visit but not by far the only one. Sri Lanka is a spiritual land and there is much to explore. If you’re seeking a lifechanging vacation this is the place to go.

Before You visit

You will need your visa, a Hep A and B, Typhoid and Japanese Encephalitis vaccine and...

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Travel Expert’s Guide to Koh Tao – (Turtle Island)

Literally translates as “Turtle Island”, Koh Tao is an oceans cape paradise for all things beach related. Ever popular with backpackers and trekkers, the island’s effortlessly cool vibe and rocky scenery has attracted visitors in droves for decades. Koh Tao is regarded as the best Thai Island for scuba-diving and snorkeling. If dry land is more of...

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Travel Expert’s Guide to Busan , South Korea.

There are many things to do in this amazing city, from beaches to mountain, not to mention all the scrumptious eats. It would be a mistake if anyone skipped Busan on their trip to Korea. For this Travel Expert Post we will cover the city of Busan. No matter where you are, Take the subway to Jangsan station ( not to be confused with Yangsan) to start...

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In the small City of Shiroishi there is a very unusual Nature Reserve referred to as a “Village” with 6 kinds of Foxes. All living together. Foxes are a huge part of Japan Culture and lore but are beloved by most around the World. So Today’s Travel expert Blog is. Japan’s Fox Village. Precautions:

  • Do not Feed the foxes by hand.Foxes are carnivore and wild and when feeding they will mistake your...