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    The Travel Experts – Tagged "About my Luggage" – Luggage Factory

    About my Luggage

    About my Luggage, Blog Posts -

    The origin of Luggage. The Evolution of Luggage – How it all began.

    For all time, man has traveled to and from various destinations and while doing so, has needed to carry supplies and food to aid in his travels. To solve this problem, luggage was created. What first began as wood and animal hides combined to create baggage, has now evolved to a variety of shape, size, colors and materials that...

    About my Luggage, Blog Posts, Packing Tips, The Best Travel Accessories -

    Did you know??? Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Machines Do not Count as a Carry On Many travelers use CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machines at home and while traveling to help control sleep disorders. Did you know that your CPAP machine should ALWAYS be carried onto the plane? And that is does NOT count as a piece of carry on luggage? According to the Americans with...

    About my Luggage, Luggage locks, The Travel Experts -

    Most newly-purchased luggage comes with a TSA approved lock, a great way to keep your personal items safe in transit. When purchasing luggage, it may seem like common sense to set the lock, but depending on the bag this can actually be a tricky process. So, how do you set your luggage lock? Here are a few brand-by-brand tips to set your lock and keep your bags secure. Samsonite:As one of the...

    About my Luggage, Baggage, Briggs, Briggs & Riley, delsey, Riley, samsonite, The Travel Experts, travelpro, Tumi -

    While luggage is built to withstand the wear and tear of travel, like anything else, mishandling and damages can occur. Even the best and most durable bags can lose a handle or have a wheel knocked off in today’s world of frequent travel. So, what do you do when your pull handle breaks or your zipper comes off its track? The first thing you should do is report the damage to the airline as soon as...

    About my Luggage, best carry on, best luggage, carry on reviews, delsey, Luggage, Luggage Reviews, rimowa, samsonite, The Travel Experts, travelpro -

    Regardless of whether you travel every weekend or only once a year, your luggage is worth investing some money and time for research. A great piece of luggage will suit your needs, taste, and last you for years. When choosing your luggage, it’s critical to consider a few key components,consult our luggage experts for further questions, and of course- check consumer reviews. No one knows better...