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Surviving Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving Holidays is one of the busiest times of the year in the US. It is the time when families buy Christmas gift. Others choose to go on a small vacation during the extended weekend. While the rest, travel in an effort to reunite the family to partake in a Thanksgiving meal. Despite traveling often, many travelers have not gotten the hang of this hectic time of the year. Still, here are some interesting tips that will help alleviate the stress of planning this holiday. One of the biggest issues is leaving enough time for the trip. Travelers tend to underestimate the lines in the airport, and they end up almost missing their flights. It is important that travelers pay attention to the weather in the week before departure. If the week promises terrible atmosphere conditions, they can expect delays. It is important to have a backup plan, should this eventuality occur. The biggest question is whether one should leave work early on Wednesday or not. If one has a plane to catch at 5:40 p.m., leaving at 3 p.m. is not advisable. Historically, Thanksgiving is the busiest year to fly. Even when arriving two hours early, important airports are crowded with people. It is best to arrive there with 4 hours in advance. It may be a hassle to spend too much time in the airport. However, it is better than the alternative, which is to lose one’s flight. At times, there might even be rescheduling. When that occurs, the planes might leave an hour in advance. Travelers must always look at the boards and monitor their flights. Another important source of information is the INRIX traffic service. It has nationwide statistics of traffic data, at all times of the year. Traffic is always doubled or triples, during the Thanksgiving Holidays. It is even worse in places like New York. Even if one heads out early, there is always the rush hour of the locals to contend with. Traffic always tends to peak at 4 p.m. Overall, the traffic situation in major cities of the US is expected to be 20 percent slower than usual. It is important to avoid Wednesday afternoon driving. Some families are opting to getting their vacation days for Thanksgiving. They can also expect heavy traffic during the Monday and Tuesday of that week. Early commuters mix in with early vacation goers. For the entire Thanksgiving week, travelers will not be able to escape afternoon traffic. In fact, the traffic was at an absolute worse last Thanksgiving Tuesday, between 5 to 6 p.m. After Thanksgiving, traffic is still slow, around urban centers. Families are rushing to malls to buy presents. According to the national survey, the best time to head out to malls is 11 a.m. The traffic will be less on that hour During Black Friday. It is advisable that travelers rely on Google Maps, instead of their traditional routs. Google Maps GPS is designed to get you through the fastest route. It does constant updates of the traffic situation. The East Coast states can also dial 511 to get information on travel conditions. Delaware is not part of the system, though it gets traffic information in twitter @DelawareDOT. If one travels to another state by car, it is important to remember that certain roads now only use electronic tolling. If one wishes to avoid getting charged by plate, visit the local Publix or any other convenient store to buy the electronic passes. The toll by plates tends to be prissier. Some states might even opt to give you a ticket. If one wishes to avoid the hassles of the airport and the open road, there is always train. Trains are still one of the most important modes of transportation in the US and abroad. Trains do have their own security measures, but they are not as limiting as the TSA. Children also have discounted fares, while many train companies offer children under 2 free rides. Train companies also allow more than one carry on per person, and the ability to check in 2 bags for free. Unlike airplanes, trains have much better food. Depending on the train, travelers can have the choice between 3 or 4 different restaurant. In the US, one of the most important rail companies is Amtrak. It promises to be quite busy these Tuesday and Wednesday. Passengers are advised to have their photo ID at all times. Also, Amtrak’s Acale trains recently got a Wifi upgrade. This will enhance the travel experience. The only downside is that trains take longer to reach their destination. With planes, one has to deal with the TSA and the ever increasing regulations. During this time, the TSA officers are overworked and moody. The TSA lines are guaranteed to take twice as long as usual. The TSA suggest arriving two hours early, for domestic flights. Make certain to read through the list of forbidden items in the TSA website. By following the rules, travelers can avoid all the awkwardness and the loss of material possessions. Another good advice is to travel light. Most airliners are now charging extra for checked bags. Only take things that you cannot do without. Anything extra will cost you. Not being properly informed is quick way to sour up any Thanksgiving holiday trip. Keep this in mind as you plan your Thanksgiving trip.

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