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Sunny Maya Bay Beaches Destination

Sunny Maya Bay Beaches Destination

The Maya bay is located in an island of the Phi Phi archipelago. It is located in the Andaman Sea. This area belongs to Thailand. The island has two bays. Maya Bay is the largest of the pair. This bay was featured in The Beach movie.

Fox made some alterations to the beach to make its film. The lawsuit cleared up until 2006. Today, Maya Bay was finally restored to its original form. The Island has been getting developed as of late.

Despite Fox’s efforts, the Maya Bay remains relatively virgin. The only permanent facilities in the bay are toilets, a snack bar and a few camping sites.

The Maya Bay is home to many exotic fishes. They are all visible thanks to the clear water. The entire bay is one giant reef. The fishes are spread out in large underwater bubbles. Many tour companies organize guided underwater tours.

The waves are usually rather small and the water is not too deep. Tourists can safely swim without worrying about drowning. Most of the fishes that prowl the area are small.

At night tourists can go star gazing. There are no city lights to opaque the majestic ocean sky. Tourists will not be disappointed.

Tourists are advised to bring their own food. In the campground, fire is not allowed. However, there is one permanent BBQ stand which you can use. Due to its popularity, the beach is slowly getting more crowded as the days pass.

To get there, you need to rent a boat or a canoe. It is advised you take a small boat in order to find a good docking spot. You can also go there with a canoe. It gets pretty crowded in the summer time. It is best visit the beach in September.

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