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Still Flying App-less? Time for a Change!

Smartphone airline apps are nothing new, but they are still consistently underutilized by countless flyers. Travelers still hurry to the kiosk to print off boarding passes only to fumble through different legs of their journey on their way through security and at the gate. Upon arrival at the gate, trip itineraries are crumpled up and stuffed into any nook and cranny left in the maxed out carry-on bag. Instead of dealing with the hassle, annoyances, and wastefulness of paper boarding passes, try switching over to e-boarding passes and applications on your smartphone! What Kind of Traveler Are You? Determining what smartphone app is right for you is dependent on a few factors. Are you a frequent flyer traveling for business? Is this your first time flying? Do you always fly with the same airline through your company? Regardless of how, or how often you fly, there’s a mobile airline app that will fit your needs! The United Airlines App, American Airlines App, Delta App, Southwest Airlines App, as well as the Boarding Pass App, and other flight status apps like the Flying App. Infrequent Travelers: For the infrequent traveler, understanding where you’re going, and maintaining organization is a must. The best way to do so is to download the app for the airline you are flying on. Each airline has its own app engineered to help you move through your flight (And try to sell you on future flights!), but they all follow the same basic formula. There’s a tab to check flight status, a tab to book a future flight, a tab with all active boarding passes, and tabs with airplane specifications along with maps of different airports. All of this information can be extremely helpful for a novice flyer. The mobile boarding pass, scanned by security and at the gate, is much more organized than the paper trails of old. While that may be obvious, the additional features like flight status and airport maps really facilitate ease of airport navigation between flights. Instead of gawking at the big screens that display every flight in and out of the terminal by gate, you can specifically search for your flight, and get real time updates, or text alerts for major status changes. The maps are also helpful when traveling through an unfamiliar airport. Every major airport has its own funky and sometimes nonsensical layout, which can be daunting for inexperienced travelers. The airport map tab located in most commercial airline apps is a nice fallback in case you ever get lost while trying to make a connection. Once you are done with your trip, you can easily remove the app from your phone to save space. There’s no need to keep it unless you plan on traveling only with that airline in the near future. Frequent Business Travelers (Same Airlines): For frequent travelers of the same airline, whether through your place of work or just happenstance, just download the app corresponding to your airline. Continuity is a helpful feature of most airline apps. For example, the United App stores all of your upcoming trips in the itineraries tab, so you have quick access to your travel dates and flight confirmation numbers. This is true of most airline apps beyond just United. Using whatever airline app you frequently fly with also helps you develop comfortability with the app, trust the process, and make quick changes in the event of flight delays and cancellations. This eases some of the stress undoubtedly caused by crowded airports, altered flights, and long layovers. In addition to continuity, airline apps are extremely functional as previously described for the infrequent traveler. Checking flight status, real time text updates, booking options, and airport information are all one touch away. Frequent Travelers (Multiple Airlines): While specific airline apps are nice when you always travel with the same company, they can take up a lot of space when you travel with a different airline every trip. Having multiple on your phone is a huge waste of memory and data, especially when all you really need is status updates and boarding passes. In order to reduce the memory and hassle of switching between airline apps, you can opt for more streamlined apps. The Boarding Pass app allows you to keep all of your trips and trip itineraries in one place regardless of the airline, destination, or other extenuating factors. You cut out the need for multiple apps and keep your schedule in order with each itinerary in one spot. The Boarding Pass allows access to check-in and mobile boarding pass to make things easy come time for departure. In addition to the Boarding Pass app, try downloading the Flying App! Similar to the Boarding Pass app, the Flying App allows individuals the ability to check flight status regardless of airline or location. Tracking flights through one venue is ten times easier than toggling through specialized applications for only one airline. Whether picking up someone from the airport or keeping track of your own trip, the Flying App helps keep you organized and facing the right direction. All Travelers: Regardless of how often you travel, or what type of traveler you are, mobile airline apps and associated apps are an easy way to keep you organized throughout your trip and cut down on clutter at the airport. There are a bevy of features that ease travel and promote self-reliance throughout your journey helping decrease your own stress level, and the stress level of everyone at the airport. If you’re still app-lessly traveling, consider making the switch today!

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