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Spain - An introduction

Spain -

Spain - An introduction

Tourist Recommendations:  See Medieval Combat in Spain

In Spain, they had the first International Medieval Combat Federation World Championships. The championships will take place from May 1 to May 4.

This championship includes all the medieval knights’ competitions. The fights are not fake, the armor weight tons.

The fights usually take place in the battlements Belmonte. Belmonte is 15th century castle located in La Mancha. The Hollywood movie, El Cid was filmed in this location.

The site was chosen for this championship in remembrance of Don Quixote.  On the way there, visitors will notice the wind turbines. These may remind you of the time when Don Quixote struck one thinking it was a giant.

Windmills still surround Belmonte, aside from Churches, stone gateways and winding streets. It is a medieval city frozen in time.

Once inside, it looks like any regular old medieval fair. All people there dress and talk like the people of the day.  The opening ceremony shows the parade of nations with knights representing different countries marching. They were then followed by their ladies.

A knight cannot be considered a knight if he does not have a lover or girlfriend waiting for them. According to Don Quixote, his lady made his weapon strike sound, and gave him life when he was weak. He would always invoke the name of God and of Dulcinea before entering a battle.

So, if you want to participate girlfriends are a must! You can register in the IMCF World Championship website. Most of the participating knights were from the United States, Spain, France and Japan.

The first tournament was a 5 on 5 battles. Some took it as a game, others got carried away. It included sword fighting, boxing, kicking, or smashing your opponent’s brains out. The rest of the battles were just as intense.

Medieval fighting was resurrected in Russia. The Russians were not present in Belmonte. The East and West knights were at odds.

They usually avoided fighting each other because; they would take the fights too far. Unlike these knights, a fight between a Russian knight and an American knight would not end until one of them died.

The Western knights hate the Russians for their underhanded way of fighting. They would be willing to win at any cost. A few years ago, they did fight however there was a lot of tension because the Russian knight regiment’s flag had the hammer and the sickle.

The Russians also complained about the presence of the Americans. They argued that the Americas never had knights.  Interesting enough, the Russians did not complain of the presence of Japan or of other Asian countries. Remember, Asia has samurais, the West has knights.

Well, this is just a little side story. When the Russians are not visiting, the matches maintain the decorum fitting of knight battles. So, if you are ever in La Mancha, check out these professional knight battles.  

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