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Social Media – a traveler’s best friend!

It’s bound to happen…’re on a trip and you check into a room that’s still occupied! Or, you booked a seat on a flight, and the stranger sitting next to you is invading your space. Perhaps you’re going away to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. You’d like some assistance quickly, so what to do? Turn to social media! Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or something else, many travel providers have social media teams who have the ability to remedy your situation very quickly! Twitter generally gets the quickest response so that’s a great place to start. If you don’t have a twitter account, consider signing up. It’s free, and you can “follow” your friends, travel bloggers, airlines, cruise lines, hotels and even Luggage Factory! Aside from reaching out when you have a special request, sometimes social media can be the source for special discounts and contests! How can this help you? Take my recent example. While flying back home, the person seated next to me was encroaching into my seat. The flight was full, and honestly, bringing the issue to the attention of the flight crew would not have really helped as there was nowhere for me to move. I tweeted the airline, and they asked me to send them a private message with additional information. This was all accomplished while I was in the air too! (I’d purchased in-flight WIFI, but I would have waited until landing had this not been an option.) In the private message, I explained the situation and why I did not tell the flight crew. I was nice and not confrontational when I did this, and I placed no blame. This particular carrier has a policy for situations such as this one, and the airline stated that their gate and in-flight personnel are trained to recognize times when there are seat-comfort issues. After about 24 hours of investigating, the airline emailed me a voucher for future travel. I was happy with the resolution, and the matter was handled via twitter. Other times, I’ve used social media to let a hotel know that I was celebrating my birthday, or that I was excited to visit their hotel. Maybe a couple of those tweets resulted in a room with a view, or a nice bottle of wine being delivered! You never know until you try right? I don’t ask specifically for anything (unless the particular company asks ME, and then I come up with a reasonable request), I just cross my fingers!! Most all travel providers have corporate social media accounts and many individual hotels have their own. A quick google search will usually yield the information you need!    

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