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Smart Luggage: The Next Evolution

In an ever-changing world of advancement and interconnectivity, luggage is finally evolving with the times. Once just a simple trunk or bin, luggage was equipped with wheels and telescoping handles for greater mobility. The next innovation promises to push the industry to new heights; that innovation is Smart Luggage. What is Smart Luggage?   Smart Luggage helps connect you to your luggage while adding extra layers of security and features to improve efficiency. The increased functionality and efficiency is the hallmark of early Smart Luggage prototypes. Multiple features are available depending on the brand and bag. Some bags, like pieces by Numinous London, incorporate biometric fingerprint locks instead of the traditional combination lock. In addition to your own fingerprint, the biometric mechanism allows you to program as many as 100 other fingerprints, authorizing entry for friends and family. In addition, Numinous London pieces include an electronic charger built into the exterior pocket. The Joey Charger, a slim portable charge pack included with the bag that’s highly efficient, clips into the bag and provides multiple rapid charges to smart phones and other devices. The charge pack is versatile, able to charge just about any electronic device that can connect to the USB port. Additionally, the Joey Charger stays cool while charging, so your bag and electronic items won’t overheat. Numinous London pieces are also equipped with a weight scale that automatically calculates the weight of the bag when you turn on the display. Particularly helpful for larger checked bags, the built-in weight scale helps you avoid the overweight fees at the airport. Outside of Numinous London, a number of other brands are breaking into the Smart Luggage market. Other pieces connect to your smartphone in order to track the bag’s position, alert you when it’s too far away, and update you when the bag is locked and unlocked throughout the trip. Some Smart Luggage pieces include lighting to help you locate items in low light. Future pieces may include speakers, trip help in form of flight information, and even automotive (Not a Car!) luggage that follows travelers at a certain distance without being dragged or pushed. Where Can I Find Smart Luggage? Numinous London, one of the top Smart Luggage brands on the market, is available on our website! More and more brands and specialized lines of Smart Luggage are introduced all the time, so make sure to check back frequently! Is Smart Luggage Worth it? The short answer, yes! The efficiency and functionality of Smart Luggage is a significant stress reducer. The built-in digital scale keeps passengers from tearing their hair out at the flight counter while trying to check a bag that’s a couple pounds over the limit after struggling with an inaccurate bathroom scale for hours the night before. The fingerprint scanner avoids the mess of setting, resetting, and unlocking funky combination locks that don’t last over time. Other innovations on the horizon will cut down on the strain of dragging your bag through the airport and keeping your luggage secure on the go. Another huge advantage of Smart Luggage is the charging capability. Phones are a lifeline to our professional and personal lives, and there’s nothing worse than scrambling through an airport searching for an outlet only to find all the stations are occupied as your phone dies. All of the sudden your boarding passes, flight information, and communication lines are cut off and your trip just became ten times worse! The USB ports in Smart Luggage pieces are a lifesaver for any electronic device you can match with the plug. It’ll ease your stress, and keep you functioning with maximum efficiency. Verdict: Smart Luggage is the way of the future. As more and more features are added to the pieces, more brands and smart features will become mainstream and available to travelers. Get ahead of the curve, and get a Smart Luggage piece today!

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