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Skúli Mogensen's Flight Checklist

There is no better example of a Travel Experts® than the founder and owner of WOW Airlines Skúli Mogensen. He spends more time on the air than on the ground and as such has developed a very pragmatic and simple packing list. We can learn from his habits to make our flights more comfortable and enjoyable. Without any further a dues. Here is Skúli Mogensen's Flight Checklist:  

Skúli Mogensen's Flight Checklist:

Sports Gear

Eagle Creek Outdoor Gear Load Warrior 20 Mr. Mogensen always remembers to bring his set of gym clothes. When taking connecting fights while traveling all over the world Its easy to neglect your your health. If you do not try to fit some exercise while traveling you will falling victim to jet lag and travel tiredness. Bathing suits and google do not take a lot of space so why not bring them along. Eagle Creek Eagle Creek Outdoor Gear Load Warrior

iPhone, but no laptop

Unless You're planing to get heavy work on a plane bringing your laptop on your trip is actually dangerous. Any business traveler knows that its IMPOSSIBLE to get anything done on a plane. The space is too cramped and if the plane shakes down goes the laptop. Iphones and ipads do not have this issue. Get an iphone and just use it to pass the time. There will be plenty of time for business once you arrive. Plus Ipads and I phone are much lighter and can save up space for business suits and whatnot.

Paper Books

While Mr. Mogensen likes paper books The Travel Experts® at Luggage Factory respectfully disagree with this practice. Paper books are nice but they take space and you can only take so many, what if i want to read an HP Lovecraft story then Don Quixote and then a comic, I would have to carry all 3 on my carry on. Don Quixote alone would take most of my space. Returning to the Iphone suggestion from before: download the kindle app and carry a million books with you.

Garmain Watch

This very handy sports watch can keep track of your fitness while on the pool or doing labs, Its really quite handy.

Victorinox Swiss Army Backpack

This is a good suggestion, Victorinox Backpacks are amazingly durable and versatile. For Hiking and trekking it is light and with plenty of must have features.
Victorinox VX Sport Cadet Essential Laptop Backpack 313050 Victorinox Victorinox VX Sport Cadet Essential Laptop Backpack Defined by capability and quality, the Victorinox VX Sport Cadet backpack is designed to endure the most demanding lifestyle. Built to not only accommodate laptops up to 16 inch screen size, this pack also has a second pocket to hold your Tablet/eReader or iPad. - See more at: Victorinox XV Collection

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