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Safety Tips for New Tourists

New Tourists can easily get caught up in the excitement of the upcoming trip. Whether traveling abroad or at home, there is some important information to keep in mind. By following these commonsense rules, new tourists can enjoy everything the world has to offer without running into too much trouble. It is best to read these tips and to learn them through bad experiences. The first and foremost thing a tourists you avoid is fancy jewelry. By wearing too much shiny, one risks getting mugged. This is true both when vacationing and on the go. Sure, it’s nice to have fancy jewelry, but it is even nicer not to get mugged because of it. Continuing in the mugging department, one should have a decoy wallet. The fake wallet should be carried in one’s pocket, while the real wallet must remain hidden. To add to the illusion, you can keep old bank-cards and monopoly money. If this one does get stolen, you can be happy to know your pickpocket got away with a fake. If anything, this will add a colorful note to your trip. Before heading out, it is important to make photocopies of all your important documents. This will be useful in case the original get stolen. Another important aspect of being new tourists is learning to blend in with the crowd. Obvious tourists are easy marks for scams and other unsavory aspects involved with tourism. If you do not want anything bad to occur, avoid carrying the camera around your neck. Also, try not to cradle the guidebook as if it was the Bible. If you start looking lost and confused, locals wanting to take advantage of tourists will approach you. Also, don’t keep all your items in the same place. Do try to use the room safe, and remember to lock it. The safe is useless if left wide open. It is also important to be a little skeptic when talking to new people. Most people who tend to be nice are trying to sell you something. Also some companies offer travel insurance. It may or may not be useful. Get if, if only for your peace of mind. When going out to parties, avoid getting drunk. People have the bad habit of drinking too much on vacation, to enhance the experience. Don’t! Just Don’t! A lot can happen to you while drunk, especially in a foreign country. If you can’t help it, have a designated driver type of person. This person can be the voice of reason, when you are out of your reason. Do a little research on the crime of the area, and on the most common tourist traps employed in the region. It also works well to go to a country where they speak your native tongue. If you only speak English, there is always the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Bahamas, Jamaica and other countries where English is the national language. It will also help to read up on the local customs and laws of the country you wish to visit. Another bad idea is to pay everything in cash. Credit cards do automatic conversions. This will avoid having to get to a coinage argument about the current strength of the dollar vs. the peso. Worse comes to worse, have money already converted to the local cash. Don’t forget to read up all the information about the travel destination. Read all the information in the travel website. When going on tours, keep your wits about you. If you look too absorbed in the culture, you will fail to see the thief creeping behind. Speaking of which, do not store your wallet in your back pocket. That is the easiest area where it can be stolen. If someone does try to rob you, do not be a hero. Also try to look up the emergency numbers of the country. Knowing the emergency numbers is useful, if you get mugged or injured in a freak surfing accident. Speaking of surfing accidents, make certain the surfing instructor is certified. It will be unwise to try such dangerous games with someone who is not certified. By keeping all these things in mind, you travel safely to any part of the world, even if you are a first time tourist.

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