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Quick Guide to Greece

Travel Expert’s Guide to Greece: Language Greek , Document Needed : Passport; No Visa , Currency Euro. Where to go:


Don’t Miss: Touring the Acropolis and Museum in the late afternoon or early Evening when the cruise ship have left. Stay: Hotel Grand Bretagne


Don’t Miss: The Red Beach – It is literally red as a result of volcanic rock and has great snorkeling! Stay: Mystique


Don’t Miss: A coctail at Ling Ling Stay: Santa Maria Report


Don’t Miss: The Knossos Palace – Traveler of all ages will be captivated by the history of the site. Stay: The Blue Palace

Eating and Drinking:

What to eat: Moussaka , Souvlaki, Sganaki, Gyro, Dolmas ( Stuffed grape leaves) Avgolemono ( egg and Lemon soup) Souvlaki ( grilled Meat) , Spanakopita!!! ( spinach pie , be sure to scream when you get yours ) Kourabiedes ( almond sugar cookies ) Ouzo Liquor Note: Restaurants generally have a 1 Euro Service charge or cover charge per person.


Dining 5% to 10% + A little more if service is good. 1 Euro per Bag at the hotel and 1 euro per day for housekeeper. Round up fare when taking a cab. Private Guide is 20 Euros Per person and Private driver is 20 Euros per day.


Go water-Skiing in the Saronic Gulf! The Beautiful Vouliagmeni peninsula is just in the other side of the sea and is only twenty minutes from the Athens Airport. For a fabulous way to see the island on your own schedule rent a yacht or sailboat! Note: Be early when you’re taking a ferry. Some only allow ten minutes to load and keep in mind that posters aren’t allowed so you’ll have to carry your own luggage Packing tip: Casual ,resort wear is the way to go in Greece during the summer and early fall. Be sure to pack plenty of bathing suits and cover ups for the Island.

Travel Tips

Avoid Traveling to Greece during July and August. It is VERY hot and VERY Crowded! May/June and Sept/Oct are the best. Table Manners: It is common to sample foods from other’s Plate but always Ask first. Keep your knife in your right hand; fork in your left. Don’t Switch. When Finished, Cross your knife and fork on your place, tines down.   Culture Shock to look forward: Acquaintances shake hands. Friends and family embrace and Kiss both Cheeks, starting with the right. They may great tourist as such for fun so don’t make a big deal about it. Expect Greeks to arrive at least 15 – 1 hour late to dinner and parties. Greeks are very affectionate and open , expect to be asked very awkward personal questions ranging on the offensive. Haggling is expected at outdoor Markets, but only say prices you are willing to pay. Its Impolite to nob your head, say Yes. Learn these words before your flight Ya SAS : Hello/Goodbye Posisee? How are you? Efharistooh Thank you Yamas! Cheers! Posa Kostizi afto? How much is this?  

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