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Providence, Rhode Island

Originally established in 1636, Providence pervades a colonial, New Englander spirit. The aura of Federal Hill along with the beautiful parks and overlooks throughout the city give Providence a magnetic appeal for travelers. Plan your trip today! 5 Must-See Attractions: Federal Hill- An indoor/outdoor bizarre with all manner of shops, restaurants, and people watching spots all contained within a historic, colonial-esque setting. Waterplace Park- This beautiful park area sits along the Providence River in the center of the city. The adjoining River Walk allows people to peruse the water line, gazing at historic building and bridge architecture. Rhode Island Convention Center- There’s always something going on at the Rhode Island Convention Center. Whether catching a show, looking for a spot to eat, or looking to learn, the Convention Center has something for everyone. Prospect Terrace- A little park atop a hill featuring a statue of Roger Williams gazing out over downtown Providence. It might be the best view of the city. Rhode Island State House- One of the most striking government buildings in the nation, the Rhode Island State House provides tours for visitors to gawk at the ornate interior and magnificent architecture. 5 Great Sites for Kids: Roger Williams Park Zoo- Plenty of fantastic exhibits fill the Roger Williams Park Zoo, but the best time to visit might be around Halloween when the pumpkin spectacular is in full swing. Brown University- Few campuses in the U.S. possess greater scenery than Brown University. The school is great for touring with perspective students, or just to learn about the college and history. Providence Children’s Museum- If you have young children and they need a day of fun, then visit the Providence Children’s Museum for interactive activities and learning opportunities in a fun venue. Alex and Ani Center- An outdoor ice rink near the center of Providence, perfect for skating with the family. Museum of Natural History & Planetarium- An older museum with a fine collection of relics from around the world. The planetarium puts on a fantastic show to keep the kids engaged. 5 Free Attractions: Roger Williams Park- A large natural oasis located near the center of the city. It’s a perfect retreat from the concrete jungle into the fresh air and appealing scenery. Providence College- Another beautiful campus in the heart of Providence, Providence College might be small in size, but the campus greenery and architecture is something to see. DePasquale Plaza- A quaint square in the middle of Providence with a bevy of energy and spunk that harkens to an Italian city street or avenue. Benefit Street- A vibrant neighborhood not far from the Brown University campus, with a European-Colonial feel and a historic aura. Thayer Street- Right in the heart of Brown University lays the college playground of Thayer Street. A wide mixture of food options, shops, and people populate the street, making it interesting for locals and visitors alike. 5 Great Restaurants: Mill’s Tavern- Fantastic pub food and a cool bar ambience with great American food classics and a pub menu. North- A fusion of Asian and American food with a wide-ranging menu featuring oysters, pork, ham, and plenty of options for any palate characterizes North. Kitchen- The kitchen’s reputation as the number one breakfast spot in Providence is well established. The bacon and French toast are particularly to die for. Venda Ravioli- While Venda is a great restaurant for Italian classics and go figure: ravioli, it’s also a bustling market stop for fresh Italian ingredients on Federal Hill. Ellie’s Bakery- Ellie’s Bakery might be the best of both restaurant worlds, uniting scrumptious desserts like chocolate cream puffs with savory breakfast and lunch options like decadent grilled cheese. 5 Great Nightlife Spots: The Fatt Squirrel- A huge bar with a laidback atmosphere, darts, and plenty of drink options. They even have live music from time to time. Dusk- A dark, dim interior is contrasted by the upbeat music and dance floor in Dusk. The wait staff has an excellent reputation and the place has a unique and fun club vibe. The Eddy- An exceptional cocktail bar with a drink combination for whatever mood, flavor, or fancy you may have on a given day. Congress Tavern- A huge pub menu awaits visitors to the Congress Tavern. The burgers, battered fish, and chips have a particularly great reputation. Harry’s Bar & Burger- If you’re in the mood for a late night brew and burger, then check out Harry’s Bar & Burger for every burger combination imaginable. 5 Romantic Getaways: Cliff Walk- It’s a little bit of a hike, but an intimate escape along the Cliff Walk in Newport is well worth the trip for you and yours. Second Beach- Also located in Newport; Easton’s Beach is the perfect locale for a beach stroll at dusk with someone special. The White Horse Tavern- An intimate tavern with a quaint, yet comfortable interior, perfect for sharing an intimate meal together in Newport. Pastiche- It might be a pastry shop, but it’s also the perfect spot to bring a date. The desserts are unbeatable, particularly the tarts and eclairs, while the ambiance is frivolous and romantic. Roger Williams Park Botanical Center- A walk through the garden with someone special is always a fan-favorite date. It’s easy, relaxing, and intimate. 5 Must-Try Foods: Johnny Cakes- A pancake made of cornmeal, sugar , and salt. Stuffies-A clam stuffed with breading and an assortment of different spices for unique flavor. Del’s Lemonade- A Rhode Island classic consisting of frozen lemonade available in a bunch of different flavors. Bakery Pizza- A thick crust pizza with tomato sauce and Italian seasoning on top, served without cheese. These pizzas are typically only available from bakeries, hence the name. Coffee Milk- Popular throughout Rhode Island, coffee milk is simply a mixture of coffee syrup, and milk. Climate: Providence experiences chilly temperatures annually as compared to the rest of the U.S. Temperatures drop into the low 30’s (Fahrenheit) on average from December through March. While temperatures rise into the low 70’s on average from June through August. The spring and fall are nice times of the year to visit; the temperatures are brisk, but still good for a visit. Providence experiences more precipitation than the average U.S. city, with over forty-inches per year, but much of that precipitation comes in the form of snow. Transportation: Much of the intra city transportation mainly occurs via bus. The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority provides bus lines to transport locals and travelers all around the city. I-95 crosses right through the city; thus, the roadways are a dominant form of transportation within the city. Safety Precautions: As a small city, Providence does not experience the crime that some other, bigger cities manage on a daily basis. Crime is still an issue, but with a little common sense, and pre-travel research, you should be able to traverse the city without worry. Just make sure to keep itineraries and identification on your person at all times. Souvenirs: A tchotchke from a shop on Federal Hill or one of Providence’s must-try foods like coffee milk keeps the souvenir appetite quenched. (As long as you aren’t flying!) Trip Highlights: The trip to Federal Hill, particularly the hustle and bustle of the people on the street, makes the trip worthwhile. The fun atmosphere of Thayer Street and the beautiful view from Prospect Terrace stick in every visitor’s mind. Documentation: U.S. residents need only bring personal identification to visit Providence, as no other necessary documentation is needed. The only other information you might are flight itineraries. Air Travel Information: Green Airport (PVD) primarily services travelers flying into and out of Providence. Many major airlines taxi to and from the airport, including Delta, JetBlue, United, Southwest, and more. Rental cars, taxis, buses, and shuttles provide ground transportation to the different terminals from the city.  

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