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Product Test: Victorinox Avolve 3.0 Global Carry on

The brand new Avolve 3.0 collection of luggage from Victorinox offers some welcome changes over the previous 2.0 version. While Avolve 2.0 tended to be a bit deep, Victorinox has slimmed down the bags, making them a lot more overhead-bin friendly. Avolve 3.0 is a cross between hard side and soft sided luggage. With a polycarbonate frame, and a nylon exterior, your items will be protected, while still having outside pockets to keep necessary items quick at hand. A lucky family member of one of our Travel Experts received this bag as a Christmas gift and the recipient was thrilled with the light weight, smaller size, easy-to-roll spinner wheels and plenty of packing capacity. Rather than wait for upcoming international trips, the bag was used almost immediately after receiving it and there was plenty of room left, even after packing for a short, 4 day trip. Our product tester may use this bag as her only piece of luggage on 2 upcoming trips of about 10 days each. The streamlined design makes the bag light, effortless to maneuver and easier to fit into the overheads. This bag replaced an older, heavier two-wheeled carry on, and one of the most welcome features for her were the spinner wheels. Being able to roll the bag alongside made traveling a great deal easier than it had been in the past. Whether you use packing accessories, roll your items or fold them and make stacks, the Avolve 3.0 Global Carry On is easy to pack. The updated design makes this an attractive piece of luggage and we’re sure that you’ll get years of use from your purchase!

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