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Product Test: Heys Blue Agate carry on spinner

After listening to my coworkers sing the praises of hard-sided luggage for a few years, and being in need of a spinner carry on, I decided to give the Heys Blue Agate 21” hard side spinner from Heys America LTD a try. I will admit, I chose this bag because it resembles the ocean and anyone who knows me knows that my favorite place to be is on a cruise ship, so this bag seems like a perfect choice! At first glance, the bag looks SMALL, likely due to the curved sides. The bag does expand so I was hopeful that it would serve my needs. When I travel, I generally have quite a few electronics: laptop, DSLR camera, GoPro, iPad and assorted cables and such. These tend to be heavy so I usually have them in a wheeled carry on. My current bag, Travel Pro’s Platinum Magna has just 2 wheels and while I love the bag, it only has 2 wheels. (Up until a few months ago, I didn’t care for spinner/4 wheeled luggage, evidently my age is catching up with me, but I digress!) The first test for the Heys was: will all the electronics fit? The answer: YES! The next test: will it hold enough clothes for a weekend away? Being a bit of anover packer, I wasn’t sure but I set out to gather some items for a quick trip I was taking. I was easily able to get a couple pair of capris, 2 pair of shorts, about 4 tops, pajamas, a pair of shoes, a packing cube of “unmentionables” and my toiletries neatly into both packing areas of this suitcase. I did expand the bag (remember, I said I over pack!) but everything fits inside nicely and the bag is really not all that heavy. Wheeling the bag around the train station, sidewalk and into the hotel was pretty easy as well. On the past, I didn’t think I could move as quickly with a 4 wheeled suitcase, but with this bag, I was able to move along at my usual quick pace. All in all, the reasonably priced, roomy and visually appealing Heys Blue Agate Carry on spinner was a great choice for me and I am thrilled with my choice of this hard sided spinner! Check it out HERE.    

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