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Product test – Delsey Helium Aero 25” spinner

After buying my first spinner hard side luggage, the Heys Blue Agate carry on, I decided to give a larger, hard side spinner a try. Delsey’s Helium Aero line has always been popular with our customers due to its light weight, attractive colors and reasonable price. Since I was getting ready for a cruise vacation, I bought the 25” Aero spinner in Cobalt Blue. My trip was about 10 days and I tried to pack just what I thought would be needed. I’m a bit of an over packer, but even so, I sometimes take more stuff than I actually use, so I did cut back on a few items. Having cruised many times before, I knew that I could send out a bag of clothes to be washed; and the hotels I stayed in before and after the cruise had laundry facilities so I was all set. Still, my pile of stuff looked like it would be too much for this mid-sized suitcase. Having used my carry on for a couple shorter trips, I knew that this new bag would be easy to pack and I was hopeful that everything would fit. Here’s what the pile of clothes looked like pre-packing: And, yes, believe it or not, everything fit! I also had toiletries, shoes, a foldable tote, a small purse and some sunscreen and bug spray too! Using a mix of rolling and folding, making a couple layers on each side of the bag, my week and a half’s worth of clothes all fit neatly into the 25”spinner. There was still a bit of space left and could have squeezed in a couple more outfits! For those who like to use packing cubes and folders, those can make packing a hard sided suitcase even easier. I have a couple of them for accessories, but I prefer to pack most of my clothes without them. Here’s how it looked when all done: My bag weighed in at exactly 40 pounds and with the 4 wheels, was easy to roll on hard surfaces. The hotels I was in prior to, and after my cruise have all been recently renovated, including new carpet. While the dual casters on the Helium Aero moved well on the carpet, they were easier to move on tile or concrete. Hard sided luggage can scratch, but that is part of its job. The bag is protecting the contents inside so I was not worried about the suitcase being scuffed up. Heck, I bought it to use while traveling, so one should expect some bumps and bruises along the way! When I landed in Miami, I was happy to see that my bag survived the trip without too many scuffs. The wheels, handle and zippers were all in fine shape when I inspected my bag prior to leaving the airport. On the way home, my bag weighed a little less, even with a carefully wrapped bottle of rum inside! And yes, everything arrived home intact at the end of my trip. At first, it took me a few tries to get used to packing my items on 2 sides of my suitcase, but now it’s really pretty simple. As I was staying in a couple different hotels prior to my cruise, I packed so that I could just remove a few things and didn’t “live out of a suitcase” for those days. Packing up at the end was pretty quick-I just folded and rolled everything back into the suitcase. As one side has a cover, I put the clean clothes there. The laundry was on the side with the tie down straps, in plastic bags. If you’re looking at trying hard side luggage, check out the Delsey Helium Aero line from I think you’ll be as happy with the light weight, easy-to-pack suitcases as I was! My bag held up well on the train, planes, cruise ship and assorted taxis and Ubers for 10 days! I am glad I made this purchase and look forward to getting quite a bit of use from my Delsey over the next several years!

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