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Pizza Party for Delayed Airport Passages

Pizza Party for Delayed Airport Passages

Pizza Party for Delayed Airport Passages

Last Monday, there was a plague of storms over the US. One of the areas mostly affected was the Reagan National Airport, from Washington DC.

The plane Frontier Airlines Flight 719 was trying to get to Denver, Colorado. However, bad weather was keeping it from landing. When the pilot saw the plane running out of gas, he was forced to land in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

They had to wait several hours for the storm to pass. Captain Gerhard Bradner felt bad for his passengers. According to reports, the captain paid for pizza to feed them. They were given to the 160 passengers waiting in the Airbus A320.

That was a very kind gesture. Airliners should follow in this captain’s example and give pizza to their passengers when flights get delayed. This will raise their spirit and improve the public image of the company.

The Domino’s Pizza from Cheyenne got the call around 10:30 PM. At the time, the owner was about to send his people home. He too felt bad for the passengers. He had his people make 35 pizzas which were then given to the flight attendants at the airport.

The order was made when the plane was making the detour. Things were arranged in such a way that the passengers got fed the moment that the plane landed. It was a very kind gesture in their part. After the 15 minute pizza party, the captain was able to fly the plane to Denver.

France Foiled Terror Plot to Destroy Eiffel Tower

French police decoded secret messages sent by an Algerian butcher. He was sending messages to a top member from al- Qaeda. Apparently, they were plotting to destroy the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Museum and a Nuclear Power plant.

Via the internet, he asked his contact what were good places to target. His contact suggested attacks in markets or nightclubs. His contact also asked him to attack the Avignon theatre festival and other cultural events.

His contact said that the main walkways grow dense with people. Just a simple grenade could kill hundreds. His contact asked him to come to Algeria to get training. Afterwards, he could return to France to wait for further instructions. He said he was good to go.

The police arrested him last month. Only today did the details rise to the surface. When Ali M was arrested, he seemed a bit relieved. According to his lawyer, Ali had been brainwashed.

This arrest was made in the eve of a new French law. The law bands people from leaving France if they plan to do terrorism or get terrorist training. Thanks to this law, France was able to arrest Mehdi Neonmouche, who fought in Syria. He also supposedly killed 4 people in Brussels Jewish Museum.

This new law is meant to capture lone wolves before they become organized. It also helps allows undercover officers to pretend to be pro-terror to spy on the bad guys.

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