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Picking the Right-Sized Bag

Many travelers often ask “what is the perfect or best sized bag?” Choosing the right-sized bag can be a difficult task, but with the right preparation the process can be much easier. The biggest determination of luggage size is duration of the trip. If you are traveling overnight, it doesn’t make sense to use a 29” checked bag so a little planning goes a long way in choosing the right size bag. Laying out everything you are taking on your trip is the easiest way to visualize what size bag you’ll need. If you are only going overnight or for a weekend trip and only need a few different outfits, a carry-on bag will most likely fit all of your clothes and miscellaneous items. If traveling for 4 days to a week, you might want to consider a 24” or 25” bag depending on the amount of clothing and shoes you intend to bring. For any trip longer than a week or a week and a half, a 28” or 29” bag will probably do since the extra space will be needed for the duration of the trip. We always recommend using just a carry-on. Some travelers can fit all of their essentials in a carry-on for a 7-12 day trip. Other travelers could never imagine using only a carry-on for a long trip. In the end, these are just some basic guidelines. It really depends on the amount you plan on taking, so laying out all of your clothing and other items will help you visualize the size of luggage you need. Below are links to shop different sizes of bag: Click here to shop for all carry-ons Click here to shop for all checked bags Click here to shop for all hard-side luggage

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