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Packing Tips for Women

With your long-anticipated vacation approaching, the dreaded packing process must begin. Depending on your type of trip, length of stay, and season, your packing list will definitely vary. However, there are a few packing essentials that will make every woman’s travels easier. Packing is often overwhelming, since you never know exactly what you’ll want to wear. One of the hardest parts is resisting shoving your entire closet into your bag. Packing lightly and wisely can save potential headaches and disasters before, during and after your trip. For starters, here are some packing necessities: Clothing:
    • Three pairs of shoes: At most, 3 pairs of shoes are necessary. This should include a good pair of sneakers, a comfortable pair of walking shoes (boots or sandals depending on the weather), and a pair of nicer shoes for dinner or nights out.
    • Clothing that allows for mixing and matching: Solid colors and plain clothes are your friends here. Sacrifice those signature pieces that you love but only wear once a year. Solid colored t-shirts and tank tops along with dark colored bottoms or jeans are perfect for any trip.
    • Accessorize: Don’t go overboard here, but a signature necklace or colorful scarf is light, easy to pack, and a great addition to any outfit.
    • Comfortable pants: Investing in a good pair of travel pants is essential to surviving those long flights or drives. Whether it’s a pair of convertible pants- perfect for any weather, or a great pair of yoga pants, wear your most comfortable pair to the airport.
    • Layer: The importance of layering cannot be stressed enough. For those flights where you just can’t get comfortable, it’s crucial to be able to take on or off a light sweatshirt. Also, if you are unsure of the weather in your destination, packing clothes that can easily be layered will save you lots of hassle.
  • Shawl or long scarf: Stick this in your carry-on. It can serve as a light blanket on the plane, a great accessory, or perfect to cover your shoulders and elbows depending on the culture of your destination.
Remember, there’s no need to change your style on a vacation. If you’re debating packing something you wouldn’t wear at home, you won’t wear it while traveling. Less is more; pack lightly and wisely to maximize space and make the most out of your clothing. Accessories:
  • Travel sized containers: Travel sized, refillable containers that adhere to the TSA guidelines are perfect to fit any shampoo or product in your carry-on.
    • Sleeping mask, earplugs, and travel pillow: Whether you’re on a long flight or in a noisy hotel, these three items are life savers for a good night sleep or just a quick nap.
    • E-reader: Even if you wouldn’t ordinarily consider buying an e-reader, it’s truly a great purchase to save that precious suitcase space when packing for a trip.
    • Headphones: With the unpredictable nature of travel, you never know when a pair of these will come in handy for a delayed flight or traffic on a bus!
    • Small perfume and lotion: In a clear zip-lock bag and TSA-approved container, pack these two items in your carry-on. Perfume and lotion will be great for the dry air of the airplane cabin and inevitable odors that come from traveling.
    • First aid kit: Vital for family vacations, solo travel, road trips and more, bring along a small first aid kit for any mishaps along the way!
    • Roll, don’t fold: Rolling your clothing can save you a great deal of space in both your carry-on and checked luggage.
  • Packing cubes: A great way to keep organized and maximize your use of space, packing cubes make packing that much easier. Learn more about the benefits and types of packing cubes here .
  • TSA Lock: A lock is inexpensive and can prevent some major loss. Purchase one to ensure that the valuables you leave behind for the day are safe at your hotel. In addition, use this Luggage Lock while you travel.
  • Extra foldable bag: If you’re planning on purchasing souvenirs, a small foldable bag is very useful.
  • Online apps instead of guidebooks: Travel apps save bag space and money and many of these apps are free. Check out the best travel apps.

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