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Packing Tips for Men

As weight and size limits for both carry-on and checked luggage become stricter and stricter, smart packing can make the difference between a stressful burden and an efficient, well-planned suitcase. Here are a few tips for men: Use packing cubes: Placing all of your clothes, suits, and shoes in one big open space can cause disorganization and wasted space. Packing cubes keep like items or outfits sectioned together allowing for organization and space maximization. Roll undergarments and tee-shirts together: Tightly rolling underwear and thin shirts together maximizes space and keeps all of the essentials together in the suitcase. They can be put on top or on the side as one unit later. Roll up ties and place them inside shoes: This keeps the tie from becoming wrinkled and saves extra space in the pockets for socks and other small items. Wear bulkier clothes: Even if it’s warm out, it’s best to wear jackets and sweatshirts while traveling instead of trying to cram them inside the suitcase. These items take up a lot of excess room and can easily be taken off and carried if it’s too hot out. Fold Suit Jackets: Fold your suit jackets inside out with the shoulders lined up and fold them again long-ways to avoid wrinkling. While not foolproof, this does help minimize wrinkles. Pack only one or two suits: Packing only one or two suits saves space and as long as you change the shirts underneath the jacket, there will be enough variation in outfits. Pack the suitcase upright: While this doesn’t work with all luggage, place the heaviest items such as shoes and belts in the bottom of the suitcase in order to properly balance the case out. Pack two pairs of shoes: Shoes can take up a lot of room and are heavy. Try to bring just one pair of both casual and formal shoes for your trip. Wear your heaviest pair of shoes: Wearing your heaviest pair of shoes can take some weight out of your carry-on or checked bag, keeping you a little under the weight limits. Use a slim toiletries bag: A slim toiletries kit will allow you to stock all of your travel-sized essentials together in a smaller bag without taking up extra space. Packing, especially packing light, can be a challenge for anyone, but rolling thinner clothes together, using packing cubes and planning outfits ahead of time can take some of the stress out of packing. Click here to shop for packing cubes Click here to shop for carry-on luggage  

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