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Packing Light

Packing not only lightly, but wisely, is the key to a great start to any trip. Of course to pack lightly you also must have the right bag. Consider your travel needs and the TSA airline restrictions, and then choose the best carry-on for you.   The first step towards accomplishing the daunting task of packing light is to make a list. Include all the basics that you know you will need on this initial list. Use the list to start packing and be sure not to go overboard once you dig into your closet. Follow your instincts here. If you’re feeling silly packing those 6 tops for your weekend trip, put a few away. You’ll be grateful not to drag the extra weight around when realistically, you won’t wear them all. To maximize space, roll your clothing and use packing cubes. Not only will they help to compress your clothing into a smaller space, but they help reduce wrinkles. Bring along this wrinkle spray to smooth out any outfit once you reach your destination. Pack strategically when it comes to choosing the clothing you want to bring along. This means bringing solid colors and clothing that can easily be layered. With the right pieces, it’s easy to make outfits for a whole month out of just a week’s worth of clothes. Bring along your favorite statement necklace and scarf to add some character to your outfits. Though it’s tempting to pack your entire wardrobe, packing lightly will truly lead to less mess and headaches later on.

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