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Packing for Kids

Traveling with kids is stressful enough, let alone the whole process of packing, unpacking, and re-packing. Here are a few key tips and items that will help ensure a smooth packing process.
Most likely you’ll be sharing a suitcase with your kids, unless they are old enough to carry their own. If not, use packing cubes. These lightweight compression compartments will help keep your clothing separate and organized. Useful money saving ideas are the refillable TSA-approved containers for both your children’s and your liquids. This will save you the trouble of buying travel-sized shampoos, conditioners, etc. every time you travel If your kids are old enough, give them some ownership over their luggage. Invest in a small backpack or Trunki in a color of their choice. If the bag is small enough, kids will enjoy carrying their own backpacks filled with toys and treats of their choice. Have your kids pick out their own travel tags as well which they can decorate with their names and addresses! Always keep baby wipes, medicine, and extra snacks available because these are three essentials that the traveling family can just not go without.

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