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Packing Cubes

Packing, especially re-packing, can be disorganized and stressful. Packing cubes are a wonderful way to compartmentalize your bag, be it a backpack, duffle bag, two-wheel luggage or spinner. They are zippered, fabric containers, which are light, durable and flexible. There are numerous benefits to using packing cubes on your next big trip.
  • Variety of sizes: One of the best parts of packing cubes is that they come in a variety of sizes. Although they are usually rectangular shaped, their flexibility makes them easy to stow in any bag.
    • Organization: Packing cubes are the key to organization in a suitcase. Easily separate your items of clothing by putting shirts in one cube, bottoms in another, etc. You can even purchase different color cubes for different types of articles of clothing for further organization. Tip: Packing cubes are also great for compartmentalizing if you’re sharing a suitcase with someone.
    • Maximize space: Often the number one reason for purchasing and using packing cubes is the ability to maximize space. Sure, the packing cubes may add a little weight, but it’s a worthy tradeoff for the extra space created in your bag. The cubes have great compression ability, allowing you to compactly fit more clothing into your luggage.
    • Easy to live out of: Whether you’re traveling from city to city or staying in one hotel for the whole trip, packing cubes are great. They make it easy to find specific clothing without digging through your entire bag. When arriving at your destination, simply stick the packing cube into your hotel drawer to save time on unpacking and repacking.
    • Other uses: Definitely not the most conventional use of a packing cube, but when stuffed with your clothing, the flexible cubes make for a great impromptu pillow in a pinch! In addition, keep your dirty clothing separate from your clean clothing easily by storing it in a packing cube.
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