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Odd Quirks You Must Know Before Traveling

Traveling the world entails running into new people and coming into contact with new cultures. The culture shock tends to be a lot harsher in certain places. It is important to know the common laws of the land, as well as certain laws that are strictly enforced. In Singapore, there are strict laws about gum, not guns. They despise the way people dispose of chewing gum. As such, it is illegal to import chewing gum. You might get fined for carrying with your favorite stick of gum. In Thailand, it is against the law to leave home without wearing underclothing. It is a wonder how they bother to check suspected offenders. It is better not to push one’s luck. In Russia, it is against the law to have a dirty car. The reason for this is that the police needs to be able to read your registration plate. So, having a dirty rental car can get you ticketed in Russia. Fiji also has strict sunbathing policy. You cannot remove the top of your outfit when you wish to get an even tan. Also your shoulders must be covered when visiting rural areas. In Florence, it is offensive to eat near the main churches and public buildings. Outsiders think it has something to do with littering. However, this is more of a Catholic oriented ordinance. One has to be fasting to enter the house of God, in order to receive the host in an empty stomach. It is disrespectful to be eating near, or once inside church. Closer to home, in Minnesota is illegal to hang female and male clothing in the same washing line. Why is that so, and why it is still enforced is a matter of some debate? If you like singing out loud for any arbitrary reason, try to avoid doing so in Adelaide and Melbourne, Australia. There is a law against singing obscene songs. There is no list of official banned words. The enforcement of this law is up to the officers’ discretion. If you must sing, sing Disney songs. The Philippines has an interesting law designed to keep traffic low. Depending on the license number is the days of the week you are allowed to drive. Keep this in mind, if you get a rental car. The law is only active in Manila. The rest of the locations have normal traffic laws. Japan does have an interesting law designed to keep pedestrians from getting wet in rainy days. If cars strike a puddle quickly and cause you to get wet, you can be happy to know an officer will ticket those drivers. The downside is that traffic moves extremely slow, during rainy days. So, if you are vacationing in Japan, it is better to go on foot during those days. Germany has as an interesting automotive regulation. It is illegal to run out of fuel. If you did not get enough fuel, the driver is fined. This rule should be applied to other countries. One has to be pretty distracted to forget something as simple as filling up the tank. Lastly, there are plenty of places all over Europe that forbid feeding pigeons. They are a nasty little bird plague that is slowly growing. You trying to be nice, by feeding pigeons are only making things worse. Keep this interesting formation in mind, as you educate yourself while your travel through a new country. By being familiar with local rules, you can avoid a culture crash. Worse comes to worse, talk to locals to get additional information.

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