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Never lose your Luggage

Whether you’re off on a two week adventure o rlast minute business trip carry ons make the travel cheaper. Airlines charge up to $100 for your first checked bag. The travel experts at Luggage Factory will teach you how to travel with a carry on each time and avoid the checked Bag Fees. Make sure your carry on can make it thru TSA There are items that you cannot carry in a carry on but you can carry on a checked bag. Keep this in mind before deciding to go with a carry on. Double check the TSA and your airline’s website for the most updated info before you pack your bag. Remember the 3-1-1 rule we covered on previous blogs for liquids, gels and cosmetics. 3.4 OZ or Less for bottles of liquid and Gel, All contained in a clear quart Bag. One quart bag per person. Medical liquids and baby formulas can bypass the 3-1-1 rule but they must be in pharmacy bottles. You may also bring Safety Shaving razors, Nail Clippers, Cuticle scissors, and common lighters. Keep in Mind that you may NOT bring Liquids and gels that are above 3.4 OZ, Spare Lithium Batteries ( except for the one that powers up your carry on bag like the ones on the Travelpro Crew 11 that comes with a charger) Torch or fueling lighters are definitely not allowed. Sporting equipment’s that are larger than a certain size, and sharp objects are not allowed. We cover these rules better on the TSA section. Ma

Make sure your carry on IS a carry on

Some competitor sites that shall remain nameless sometimes slap the carry on label on any bag that fits a certain size requirements but carry on is more than size so keep in mind a few things. If its too big or heavy you have to check it, and that means $100 fee. Carry-ons size for most domestic flights is calculated by adding the bags Length + Width + Height. 40 LB is the maximum Height airlines allow for personal items such as purse or small backpack. Check with your airline for size and weight restrictions.

Anatomy of the perfect Carry on

Stay Organized and maximize your space using packing cubes. Eagle Creek Pack it cubes are ideal for knits, sleepwear, socks and anything else that can be rolled up. Garment Folders compress clothes while keeping htem wrinkle-free Best for trousers, shirts, and other wovens. Toiletry Kits are convenient for toting personal care items. Compression sacs save up to 80% of packing volume for bulky items, perfect for jackets, sweaters, or keeping dirty clothes separate.

Save room and weight with multi-use items.


Umbrellas – Protect from rain or sun alike Scarf- Around your neck or as a blanked belt or headband. Tablet- Save space for books , carry travel documents, hold gudidebooks or watch movies and music Conditioner- Can be sued for hair or as chaving cream. Multi-purpose travel Shoes- shoes that can be used in any situation formal or outdoor. Follow these quick tips and say goodbie to extra fees, lost luggage and long waits at the carousel, and ditch the checked bags for good. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to fly when you travel with just a carry – on.

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